The first dish is near Big Ben and the main one in London's financial district

The double-decker bus stands in front of Embankment Station in central London, with stunning views of the Thames, waiting for the restaurant's leaders. The Bostronome is one of the new ideas to visit the best sights in the cities while enjoying a fine lunch or dinner, with the excellence and sophistication of the fine French cuisine.

This trend began in Paris four years ago. The experience of the Bactronum in London retains the same concept as Paris, but the menu of the English restaurant is quite different. The menu was designed by Chef Vincent Thessier.

Within minutes of the bus ride, the waiters offer appetizers in a wad and love. It is an artichoke with hazelnuts, steaks or fish decorated with flowers and cheese. It is a fresh dish of food and it begins with a wonderful experience.

The second dish is fish with lemon and potato chips. It is a traditional and famous fish dish with the most delicious potato chips in terms of cooking and tasting.

While cruising between the various architectural features of the bustling City of London, which represents the most important business and financial district, such as Wall Street in New York City, the main course on the bus comes from the release of ducks and melted celery root sticks, Giving guests great fun.

"The idea is to provide excellent cuisine in the country," explains Bertrand Matthew, executive director of the Petronum project. Where we work in London to cook traditional English cuisine. We have adapted the French idea to suit our long tradition. "

They are wonderful dishes. It can be said that the concept of British food is still being respected with the clear French flavor on the flavors offered. The beautiful decoration is what distinguishes the many tables on the buses.

"The idea was based on the ability to share what we love with people everywhere, which means the country's architectural features along with our country's unique culinary art," says Matthew. That's why we like to mix English and French traditions and bring new concepts that combine what the soul desires with the eyes. "

While strolling through London's landmarks, it is time to serve dessert, a delicious lemon pie. It is a combination of different flavors. Taste sweet, with sour taste, and light cream at the same time. With each component being whisked separately, the guest can eat them individually or mix with each other.

Bastronom is undoubtedly one of the city's best restaurants. There are large windows inside the bus, and the roof is pure glass that allows for great views while roaming. Inside, there is ample space separating the tables for more comfort for guests. The bus also offers a variety of city views and small details that are usually overlooked. At the top is the restaurant with comfortable wooden tables while the kitchen is at the bottom.

There are four courses for lunch and six courses for dinner on the bus. The Petronumum Restaurant currently offers a tea menu in the afternoon. There are usually limited accommodations for each round of bus tours, ensuring guests receive the highest possible attention from the restaurant staff. It is best for guests to book in advance to ensure that there is enough room to receive them.

On each table there is a transparent plastic structure in the form of a large water bottle, and a cup or cup is included so that it does not fall. As well as the usual eating utensils, and may be heavier than a little traditional tableware.

Through the Bastronum restaurant, guests can follow the best details of London's architectural features that may be difficult to observe in other outdoor tours. From bell towers, dome tops, and various statues. One of the best tours is through St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower Bridge. Columns of the London Towers are very close to the glass roof of the bus, alongside the Chard building, the tallest building in Europe with a height of 309.6 meters.

The bus runs from at least 21 tourist sites, from the historic Buckingham Palace to the contemporary London neighborhoods. And from the city center, City of London, to the private area of ​​Knightsbridge in West London, known as Harrods, one of the most distinguished shops in the country and worldwide. The entire tour is available during dinner time, with lunch jul be a little outlined.

The bus offers a voice guided tour service with historical details of each of the places the bus passes through. These dark-colored devices come in the form of a remote controlled remote control pen that is easy to use for all guests. First, you need to specify the preferred language, then point the pen to the desired archaeological or tourist teacher who would like to know more historical information about it. Then enjoy watching and listening to the highly recommended voice conversation.

Traffic in London, at some hours of the day, can contribute to the experience of taking pictures of various places. So get ready to take the unique and wonderful photos, with new angles that you never knew existed in the city before.

London looks quite different from the top, and you'll realize how beautiful and crowded it is, and you can also enjoy these views with a rich and exciting dining experience at the same time.

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