The first accident of the electric Jaguar I-PACE

Arabs today - the first accident of the electric car "Jaguar" I-PACE

The newspaper "InsideEVs" reported the first incineration incident of the company's "I-Pace" electric car Jaguar, And the Jaguar I-PACE electric vehicle caught fire in the Netherlands last week while parked in a corridor.

The newspaper said that the incident took place in the village, "Rumbet" Dutch, and spread a picture of the means of social communication, but the owner of the car is not known yet.

The cause of the fire is unknown and the company is investigating the event.

Experts attributed the cause of the fire to a defect in the Batteries, While others expected that the problem is caused by a short circuit. The Jaguar experts, who were transported by the burned vehicle, declined to comment before the investigation was completed, to check whether the fire was intentional or because of a car malfunction.

The incident took place in Rumbet, a town near Hildermalsen in the Netherlands, at midnight last Friday.

The I-Pace is one of the best electric vehicles currently. It comes with two 400 hp electric motors and a battery that can cut 450 km per shipment. 80% can be shipped in just 40 minutes.

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