The Egyptian Defense Portal publishes an image of the CA-52 attack helicopters in Egypt

The activists of the social media sites interested in military affairs have circulated a fascinating picture of the "Ka-52" (Russian crocodile) helicopters recently purchased by Egypt.

Helicopters appear according to the Egyptian defense portal at the Egyptian Air Force base in Wadi al-Jandali, located in the Katameya area, where helicopters were spotted by the same model through satellite images.

The Russian helicopter is superior to the American Apache helicopter in the range of armament, diversity and superiority in the possibilities of engagement with air targets, the ability to command the forces or guide a group of helicopters, the speed and range of flight and flight and also to protect the crew because of the seats can not be ejected, It is known that the fuselage is designed to handle light weapons.

The Egyptian Defense Portal publishes a picture of helicopters  the egyptian defense portal publishes an image of the ca-52 attack helicopters in egypt

The aircraft is equipped with lethal weapons, the most important of which is a 30 mm machine gun and six external suspension points capable of carrying 2,000 kg of weapons, including 12 anti-tank missiles, R-77 and Igla anti-aircraft missiles, 120 mm with 80 rockets.

Source: Social media

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