The discovery of "ticking time bombs" in the healthy

The discovery of "ticking time bombs" in the healthy

The majority of healthy people have areas in the cells that are variable, including those related to malignant tumors, scientists at the American Broad Institute have reported.

According to Science News, the study involved 488 healthy people without any disease. The researchers took 29 cell samples from different tissues, including kidney, liver and muscle tissues.

The results showed that in 95% of the specimens biochemical "patches" cells changed. Most changes in DNA are harmless, but some changes have been cancerous.

Most of the changes in skin, esophagus and pulmonary tissue have been shown, confirming the impact of harmful external factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, air pollution or tobacco smoke. It appeared that the skin of European people exposed to the sun gets many changes, compared to areas of the body covered with clothes. For those of African descent, these changes were much lower than for whites.

As researchers found, changes usually occur after age 45 in tissues that produce new cells. But scientists have not yet determined how serious cancer is due to certain changes. When these changes are identified, it will be possible to devise new ways to diagnose the disease and identify pathological changes at an early stage.

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