The death of an old man in a horrible way after being pushed from a bus! (Video)

The death of an old man in a horrible way after being pushed from a bus! (Video)

A new video documenting a heinous incident in which an elderly man from a public transport bus was shot in the Las Vegas city of America caused his death later from his wounds.

The video shows how the young woman, Kadisha Bishop, pushed the elderly, Serge Fornier, as he got off the bus, which led to his death six weeks after the incident.

Apparently, a sharp argument broke out between the young woman and the elderly, before things developed and Bishop started pushing the man out of the bus.

As the police arrived at the scene, the elderly asked for no first aid or medical treatment, despite the blood flowing from his head at the time, but he was hospitalized at the end of the day.

The victim died on April 23, due to severe injuries sustained by the violent fall of the bus, while a US police source confirmed that the actors who escaped quickly from the scene of the incident were arrested.

The court accused Bechub of "killing a weak old man" while the police believed the young woman was shouting and cursing passengers before the bus stopped. A sharp argument broke out between her and the elderly.

The Bishops trial is due to start on May 23, while police demand that all witnesses testify to testify.

Source: CNN News


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