The Cannes Festival prevents the entry of a child director to share her film without a permit for the baby

The Cannes Festival prevents the entry of a child director to share her film without a permit for the baby

The organizers of the Cannes Film Festival prevented a British director from going into the "Film Market" section with her baby to show her film, which sparked a wave of scathing criticism of the festival on its first day.

Director Greta Bellamacena, who is participating in the film "Hurt By Paradise," was unable to reach the festival palace with her 4-month-old son because the latter did not have an entry permit.

"As if the filmmakers needed more obstacles in their work," said the director, who came to watch her film in the Marché du Film category. "I was struck by the absurdity of this reactionary attitude."

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, according to Belamasina, the organizers of the festival initially prevented her child from entering the palace when she arrived with him on Wednesday evening (May 15th).

After a sharp discussion, she was allowed to go with her child to the check-in area. Although she was told that the child's cart was to be sent to a different entrance, Belamacena said the staff later told her that her child's entry permit was 300 euros .

After the co-author agreed to pay the high amount for the children, she was told that her request would take 48 hours and was therefore asked to leave the building.

Paradoxically, Belamasina said it was really ironic that "she tells the story of a single mother trying to balance her life as a writer and treating some scenes with ease, but she has not been treated so brazenly today as a mother at the festival."

The crackdown on the security services comes at a time when the festival administration has announced since April that it is taking a more active welcome policy for mothers coming to the Cannes Festival with their young children, as well as a nursing room and a special place for children. Arrive cars with young children to the nearest place to enter.

Source: Le Figaro

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