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The best way to restart your iPhone is to lock the password and set it to the original settings of the factory


Forgot your iPhone or iPad password? In this article, we’ll show you the best way to fix the problem and reset the settings for your iPhone and iPad to the original factory settings.

Now you can solve the problem of the locked phone and reset your iPhone with the dr.fone program by following these steps:
First: Download the program here: dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)
We recommend using a reliable way to reset your iPhone or iPad to factory settings. There is no better and safer program than dr.fone – Unlock iOS that explains how to easily reinstall and run the iPhone. It also fixes the iOS system of the device to normal mode and works well with iPhone or iPad devices and the compatibility with the latest iOS system is what makes it Unique. Its ability to fix most of the iOS system failures makes the program better for the user, such as hanging the iPhone on the Apple logo on the blue screen which is called the blue screen of death.
Second: Just put on the rice “unlock”

Third: Connect it to reset the locked iPhone to your computer or Mac. Once recognized, click “start”.

Fourth, a message will appear to remind you to trust the computer as described below. Cancel this message and continue.

Fifth: At this point, see the necessary details about your iPhone or iPad to download the appropriate firmware. This firmware will be installed on your iOS device later to fix lock issues.

Sixth: Wait patiently to allow the firmware to download fully. Then click “Unlock Now”. Also, you will have to deselect “Retain Native data” to reset the locked iPhone and reset the locked iPad.

Finally, dr.fone – Unlock iOS will install the firmware on your iPhone or iPad to reset it and fix other problems. It is very important not to disconnect your device during this process. Once you have finished everything and reset your phone, the iPhone will reboot and the interface will display the process completion message.

dr.fone is easy to use as we mentioned and you can try it to learn how to reset your unlocked iPhone in a hassle free way.

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