The best place to place an internet router device in your home

Mathematics has been able to determine the best place to put an Internet router, where physicist Jason Cooley came up with a formula in which to determine the best place to put your wireless router, which ultimately depends on your home plan.

The best place to place an internet router

The best place to place an internet router device in your home

Colley began to investigate the scientific basis behind the best place to place the router, in an attempt to improve the wireless Internet signal WiFi.

In order to do so, he first sketched out a master plan for his home, set the refractive values ​​for the walls, and then used the Helmholtz equation, which enabled him to design a model of electromagnetic waves emitted from the router.

The best place to place an internet router

In his blog, Almost Looks Like Work, Colli described the complex mathematical equations in which he worked (you will get reward points if you can follow this equation).

At first, you've come up with an expected solution, which is that placing the router right in the middle of your home will give you the best signal for WiFi.

But, of course, it might not sound great to put a router in the middle of the living room, in addition to that it is not always possible, given the remote sources of electricity, etc.

Coley then modified his model to take into account the absorption of wall materials such as concrete for electromagnetic waves, and to prevent the full reflections that may form a suspended wave. This resulted in a model that looked very much like Wi-Fi signals.

Finally, he came to the conclusion many of us already thought, that the farther away from the router the harder it was to try to get a strong signal.

But if the router is set up correctly it can fill almost all of your home rooms with WIFI signals, as shown in the video below.

Cooley has now devised an Android phone application that lets you plan your Wi-Fi signal around your home to help you determine where your router is best (without having to deal with complicated formulas and equations).


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