The best known ice skating spots and ideal for all categories

The Arabs Today - The best known ice skating spots and ideal for all categories

To forget the busy cliffs and high prices, the ski resorts and ski resorts are well known and are ideal for all people of all categories.

There are many places Skiing Various to choose from, the right resort can be found for you a little deceitful, but there is no need to be afraid when there is help, and in the next whether you are looking for a place or a family-run ski resort or for a romantic holiday, you will find what suits you.

Best ski areas for families

The village of Chamboloc is a quiet village. The wooded part of the Aosta Valley is surrounded by high peaks and has been able to maintain a low profile, although it is a key element in the mega-ski area of ​​Monterosia, but this year with the brightly starred Campezero Hotel The resulting publicity will flourish again, and nearby, the Grisons and the Laguna are good places to ski.


Chamboloc is home to the ski-based ski company Ski 2, which operates a private ski school and offers all transport services, but not flights, lunch and skateboarding. Half-board accommodation is £ 945 at Le Campagnol The 4 stars.

The French city of Catoris is a traditional Pyrenees-style city. The city was a 19th-century spa before turning to skiing as its main source of income.

The city is more than a snow resort in the region, with lifts up to 21,202 feet. It takes 45 minutes to travel from the Lord Lord-Pyrénées Airport, while the center is at 28.8 km. The city has ski schools offering lessons for children aged three Years and above, and there is care for infants and young children from 2 to 3 years old.


Stay in a self-catering apartment for 4 people at Le Domaine, starting at £ 139

Best ski areas for experts

Most regions do not compete Skiing in Europe Eastern with its more modest counterparts in the Alps or the Pyrenees, but the Yasna region in the low Tatras is the exception. It has large terraces with suspended lifts, labyrinthine ski passes and solid snow. The accommodation is four-star with low prices.


You can stay at the "Dragon's Lair", a Slovak-style hotel run by an Australian couple and his Slovakian wife. It can accommodate 19 people with five bedrooms and a cost of £ 475, including skiing and traveling.

Best ski areas for couples

Ortisei is located at the other end of Val Gardena to Silva, a charming little town with a pedestrian center with 18th- and 19th-century architecture.

The Italians call it Ortisei, the multi-lingual German speakers of the Dolomites call it St. Ulrich, while the locals in Ladin say Ortjay, visitors can ski in Val Gardena / Sila Ronda.


The 4-star "Dolomiti Madonna" is a 2-star hotel with a total of 789 GBP, including flights and transport services.

Agels, a picturesque village just four miles from the city of Innsbruck, Austria, has a world-class ski track with the small Pachrököl ski area, and Agles was the place to ski on the slopes at the 1976 Winter Olympics. It is close to other resorts, such as the Lixium, Neustift and the Stubai Glacier.

In addition to Nordkiet in Innsbruck, the rental car is ideal, but the local bus service is efficient. Innsbruck is a short taxi ride away and a romantic evening in Tirol is a must.


Located in the center of the resort, a 3-minute walk from Pachecoffel, the 3-star Hotel Bon Bijono has an indoor / outdoor pool. Costs from £ 530 for seven nights in half-value, including flights and airport transfers.

Best ski areas for beginners

Tarter, in Andorra, is a small village in the Grandfalera ski area, the largest, with 120 miles of ski areas. It has a wonderful ski school, and the nearby Soldeu district enjoys a bustling nightlife. It is within walking distance but if you take it seriously, You will be very tired at night.


A £ 365 stay at the Del Claus Hotel, including flights


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