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The best 9 books are readable to each young person

The best 9 books are readable to each young person. The best 9 books are readable to each young person

The best 9 books are recommended to read to each young person. In every youth society they are the foundation and the foundation of progress. Nothing is better than educated young people who read and educate themselves. Therefore, we present in this article the best 9 books that are recommended for every young man. The benefit that increases awareness and supports culture is one of the most important things we seek in our society.

Each book has books that must be read because there are books that will change its personality and make up its consciousness and adopt the basics of life, and books can take the person to another world of imagination and pleasure if the person chooses the best books for reading fun and enjoy his mind and things that were not thought of him but if He read, learned and worshiped himself. Come to the next line to take the best books in the world that every young man is keen to read.

The best 9 books are readable to each young person

1- The secret book

The mystery book is one of the best-selling books in the world, a book strongly nominated to be the most important list of books to read.
The book is written by the author Ronda Bayern, and has been translated into several languages ​​including Arabic and achieved great success in Egypt, which is one of the best books of cultural fun that can change the life of the reader radically, as the book deals with how to make a better life, Or hope or science or happiness and book keys to happiness and tools to help make life better.

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2. Excerpts from Mao Zedong's remarks

This book has another name "Red Book" and was the largest number of copies published in history, where exceeded the 6 billion copies between copies in a popular way, quality and luxury books.

The excerpts from this book were taken from the Chinese President Mao Zedong, one of the best cultural books any young man can educate himself with all the words and information about the Cultural Revolution carried out by China.

3. Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is one of the best books for fun reading as it combines fantasy, reality and exciting events in the form of a great novel by Frenchman Dan Brun.

The book has generated huge sales and has been translated into more than 44 languages. The book contains symbols, murders and obscure police events in France. The book succeeded in converting it into a film, and succeeded once again to the extent of its rejection, criticism and prevention by the state because it exposed some religious constants To touch her.

All this is proof of the author's success in raising controversy, and deserves the book deservedly to be one of the best 9 books recommended reading.

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4- Bamboo leg

The book of the bamboo leg deservedly deserved to be one of the best cultural books to be read. The book won several awards, including the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2013.

The book deals with events between the Philippines and Kuwait in the framework of creative fiction and under various political, religious and historical events, and the novel was a pride for the Arabs and was nominated for a big prize called poker.

5- Prince's Book

This book changed the whole world and changed the course of politics and government in the country, and do not exaggerate if we said about him the best books in the world.
The book raised a lot of criticism and a lot of rejection among the people and this is a proof of success, and if you read it will change many concepts and you will see your mind became rich in information that you did not know.

The book dealt with the human, social and political dimensions of many stages in the world. It was published in 1532, although it was written in 1513 and written by Machiavelli. It took him many years to study. He moved from one place to another and participated in many events and researches to reach the valuable information in the book that you can read. right Now.

Origin of species

When this book was published there was a sensation because it was shocking to some and had an impact in the whole world, and the book was a basic basis on which biology was exposed to many of the religious beliefs and addresses to reach the origin of life.
It is one of the best 9 books to read in order to reach the origin of biological life and understand evolution over the years, because this book will change many beliefs in the reader so it is strongly recommended reading.

7- Introduction to Ibn Khaldun

This book is one of the best cultural books anyone can see, although it is many years since his writing, but it remains as important as it has in the past.

It is not valid for anyone to study sociology without reading the book of the introduction to Ibn Khaldun is a book of books must be read to any student of sociology, and for any young man who loves reading and wants to be familiar with the best cultural books, and deals with the book values ​​and principles that the community, Khaldun is the basis for a sound social life.

8. Memoirs of a young girl

Anne Frank wrote this book in the twentieth century, and deals with the biography and memoirs of the day between the occupation and war in a wonderful artistic manner made him one of the best 9 books recommended reading.

9 – Think about how to become rich

It is one of the best books of the world that has been translated into many languages ​​and written by the writer Napoleon Hull, and this book changed a lot in the concepts of some, as the book the purpose of motivation and support and self-development.

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In the end, we advise all writers to pass their experiences through comments so that they can know how others share their ideas and constructive opinions on the best books they have been able to read and use.


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