The benefits of early sleep at night

The benefits of early sleep at night The benefits of early sleep at night

Sleeping early is one of the most important health habits that must be followed in our daily lives, but we take this habit without knowing the benefits of protecting our health and our bodies, what are the most important benefits of sleep and early awakening? This is what we will know in our next topic.

Prolonged damages for prolonged periods

  • Loss of activity and vitality.
  • The headache is painful and annoying.
  • Feeling dizziness, lethargy and the desire to sleep permanently and continuously throughout the day.
  • Feeling and feeling sleepy.
  • The effect on the work and activity of the heart as long hours of sleep adversely affect the work of the heart and heart rate also, while continuing to sleep affects the heart in the opposite way.
  • Feeling tired and weak in the muscles and bones with a sense of pain in all areas of the body.
  • Influence on the work of the mind as it does not work with the required efficiency and errors in mental performance and also during the study and work with the inability to do as required.
  • Nervous, aggressive and aggressive behaviors.
  • Forgetting information is so great that sleep early and for long periods of time keeps that information in the mind, which keeps it up to the human day.
  • Dark circles under the eye, which negatively affect the appearance and beauty of the eye, especially for girls and women.
  • To cause severe damage to the skin, which appear larger than normal age and make them lack flexibility, luster and health.

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The benefits of early sleep

  • The regulation of blood sugar as diabetics of the best ways to maintain the rates of sugar has an early sleep and lack of sleep.
  • Accelerating the process of healing the body from wounds, scars, signs or diseases.
  • Getting rid of the extra weight as staying late late at night leads to a constant desire to eat badly.
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease such as heart attacks, strokes, or arterial diseases.
  • Detoxification and accumulated dirt in blood and body.
  • Maintain healthy and shiny skin while delaying or preventing signs of skin progress.
  • Getting rid of negative emotions that lead to psychological damage as anger and tension as early sleep sage works to provide the hormone happiness, comfort and optimism especially in the case of sleeping in a dark room.
  • Protection and prevention of cancers and malignant neoplasms Early sleep works on the comfort of cells in the body and regenerates easily and happily.
  • Strengthen muscles and protect them from weakness and debility.

The fastest way to sleep

  • Do not go to the mattresses unless you want to sleep and get out of bed as soon as you wake up, which makes the brain connected to the bed in sleep only.
  • Do not think of anything annoying before sleeping with the need to think of happy and exhilarating situations just before bedtime.
  • Eat hot drinks containing soothing herbs The most important of these hot herbal drinks are hot milk, chamomile, aniseed, mint and ginger.
  • Do not take any drinks containing stimulants only before bedtime about six hours As for smokers should not be smoking significantly before going to sleep.
  • Do not force yourself to sleep compulsively and if you can not sleep must be done to exercise anything and then try to sleep again.
  • Be careful not to watch TV or use mobile phones before bedtime.
  • Gradually prepare the body to sleep by reducing the lighting until the room becomes dark.
  • Regularity to exercise before sleep and wake up from sleep, which regulates the hours of sleep in a short period of time.
  • The need to take a warm bath so that we feel relaxed when the water touches our bodies is a successful way to sleep deeply.
  • Use some quiet sounds like bird sound, sea waves or wind sounds.

Choose the ideal position to sleep and appropriate for him until the spine is in a relaxed state.

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Foods that help sleep


It is one of the foods that work on the body feeling comfortable and relaxed as it works to stimulate the brain to calm because it contains vitamin B and carbohydrates, preferably eating before sleep half an hour, which stimulates the feeling of sleep.


It is one of the most important foods that stimulate sleep and eliminate insomnia, which contains a substance that calms the brain with help to sleep, and therefore advise you to eat leaves of lettuce every day before going to sleep.

the banana

It is one of the most important foods that protect against muscle spasms in the body, especially during sleep and relaxes the muscles, compensating the body with potassium and magnesium deficiency, and also helps to sleep deeply.


Tuna contains high levels of vitamin B6, which calms the nerves and gives the body the calm and relaxation it needs, and helps the body to sleep deeply with the feeling of insomnia.

Warm milk

It is a beverage that stimulates sleep as it gives tranquility and relaxation to the body because it contains various elements namely calcium, l amino acid.

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In the end we have provided you with the most important benefits of sleep and wake up early so we hope you have benefited from this subject and we look forward to your comments and opinions about this article and leave your questions in the comments below the subject.


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