The 15 most important information about the city of Fez and its historical landmarks

The most important 15 information about the city of Fez and its historical landmarks the 15 most important information about the city of fez and its historical landmarks

The 15 most important information about the city of Fez and its historical landmarks, The city of Fez is one of the most prominent cities of the state of Morocco, and the city was founded in the second century AH by Idris bin Abdullah, and struck the ax on the Yemeni bank of the river Fez, and so named after the city of Fez, located in northern Morocco, and 198 km east Rabat, 796 km north of Agadir, 291 km from Casablanca. The city of Fez is surrounded by several cities, the city of Kenitra and Meknes. The city of Fez is composed of three sections, the old city Fez Bali, the new Fez and the new city. aThey are 15 information about the city of Fez and its historical landmarks Through the site Cultural information.

Attractions in Fez

1. The Bouanania School Medersa Bou Inania

Is considered an Islamic school, and has a magnificent architectural design, and established the school in the period between 1350 to 1357 m, by Sultan Buanan Merenid, a religious building entered by non-Muslims, and it is little to find a religious place to enter non-Muslim Muslims, The school's name in Morocco is Tlaa Gheila, Fez Al-Bali. The school attracts many tourists because it has a distinctive design, elegant decoration and a water clock with technology that specialists are unaware of.

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2. Al-Andalus Mosque

The Mosque dates back to the 10th century and was built in the year 860 AD during the reign of the Idrisid state by Maryam Al-Fahri. The mosque of Andalusia is distinguished by its green, white and minaret. It is located in the Fez area. It is one of the oldest mosques in Morocco. Historical.

3. Mosque of the villagers

The mosque was founded by Fatima al-Fahri in 857 AD by the Tunisian immigrants in the holy city of Kairouan. The silo was added to the mosque in 957 AD The mosque was then added to the mosque, such as gypsum domes, arches, temples and Quranic inscriptions. Almoravids, the medieval mosque was a distinctive university.

The mosque is one of the largest places of worship in Morocco. The mosque houses a prayer hall that accommodates 20,000 chapels. The mosque has its oldest library in the world, which includes 30,000 books and more.

4. Batha Museum

The museum was converted into a museum of the summer palace of the Moorish Spanish. The palace was founded in 1897 by Sultan Moulay Abdel Aziz and the palace was designed in the Spanish-Moroccan style.

The palace was built to be the royal receptions. In 1915 the palace was converted into a museum of many works of art, handcraft and traditional Moroccan. The museum displays the original decoration of the building. The museum has an inner courtyard, a garden with shady trees and a long palm. , Fes Al Bali.

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5. Al Attarin School

The school was established by the Sultan Marini Abu Saeed Osman. It is characterized by its magnificent architectural design. Its walls are decorated with decorations, inscriptions, mosaics and ceramics. The school consists of an open air dish with a water basin. It is surrounded by a prayer hall, student halls and teachers.

6. The door of the father of soldiers

Located in the area of ​​Fez, is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region, the main entrance of the city, and is located next to the courtyard of Al-Baghdadi in the north-west.

7. Fes el Bali

The Old Town, the oldest area in the city of Fez, and the main gate of the region is Bab Boglod. In this area near the gate there are famous tourist attractions and charming views that make the tourist a pleasant tour of the streets of the area, markets and historical landmarks. In Morocco.

8. North Tower

The tower was built by the Saadian state in 1582 and is located in the north of Fez Al Bali, the largest observation point in the Fez Al Bali region. It is now a museum of conventional weapons and has a number of rare weapons.

9. Adel Palace

The palace was built by a merchant under the reign of Sultan Moulay Abdellah, in the late 17th century, a historic landmark, and is characterized by magnificent architectural beauty.

10. The tomb of Moulay Idris II

Is the mausoleum of the founder of the city of Fez, Moulay Idris II, who was buried in a corner called Moulay Idriss, and visit the shrine all who come to the city, and there is inside the shrine a painting in a place of Hefei information about the shrine, which is a historical landmark of the city.

11. Safarin School

It was founded in the 18th century so it is the oldest school in the city of Fez, intended for many tourists and visitors who come to the city, because the architectural design of the school is simple, wonderful.

12. Ras El Sharatin School

Sultan Moulay al-Rasheed ibn al-Sharif ordered the construction of Ras al-Sharatin School in the seventh century. The school provided educational services to 200 students.

13. House of Shawarma for tannery

The oldest tannery in the world, one of the historical landmarks of the city, attracts many visitors. It was built in the Middle Ages and still works so far. It is a very large tannery where leather is made. The area smells strongly because of tannery. And shops.

14. Carpenter Hotel & Carpentry

Founded in the 18th century AD, the hotel is characterized by its distinctive architectural design. The hotel's architecture and decoration are used in a new style and the hotel has wood art.

15. Palace of the Annunciation

The palace was built at the end of the 19th century. It is a very old palace in the city of Fez. It was founded in about 15 years by local architects. The palace is a masterpiece and the palace was converted to a restaurant that receives visitors from around the world.

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This was a brief about The 15 most important information about the city of Fez and its historical landmarks, Where you can enjoy the best tourist attractions in the city of Fez and visit.


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