Ten facts about permanent weight loss

10 facts about permanent weight loss

Be you and do not try to be someone else! We all come to life with objects of different sizes and shapes, including the long or short body. The short body may be full or may be thin, and there is a large bone body and another small bones, and there is a body with broad shoulders and narrow buttocks, and another body whose shoulders are narrow and wide.

Most body sizes and forms are due to genetic factors, although everyone can change their body to a limited degree by decreasing or increasing their weight. However, in no diet or under any circumstances, Because the body was not built at the beginning of the form that may be desired by the body now. Here are some facts about this topic:

The first truth:

The individual can reduce the increase in body weight accumulated in his buttocks, but he will not be able to turn these buttocks filled, to the elegance of the strength of celery sticks!

Fact 2:

Fat loss: lose fat or lose weight! The most accurate and scientifically correct to say: "Fat loss", not "weight loss", because the definition of obesity is linked to the accumulation of excess fat in the body.
A man is often described as fat, with more than a fifth of his body fat, and a woman's body fat, when more than a quarter of her weight is fat.
Body weight reflects the weight of fat, bone, tissue, water and various body organs. For example, giving diuretics or laxatives leads to the loss of some water and fluids, thus reducing body weight, but in fact it is not a reduction of fat, but a weight loss due to lack of water and fluids. Also loss of muscle mass leads to the loss of some weight, and this situation is also not loss of fat, but loss of weight due to the loss of some muscle mass. (Read also: magic tricks to lose weight without diet)

Fact Three:

Health Hook: Obesity is a disease related to human behavior, not just a diet! Control and permanent control of weight is not a magic diet that saves you fat and excess weight in several weeks or months, but it is a continuous lifestyle, maintaining health and weight permanently.
Permanent weight control and control requires combining the treatment of mental and eating behaviors, awareness of the extent to which you accept the shape of the body, the extent to which you influence the center and people around you, with regular activity and movement, as well as the choice of healthy food items.
Fact 4:
Goal Setting: One of the basic keys to permanent weight loss. These objectives are three types: short-term (finished), medium-term, long-term (continuous). It must be a constant goal, not terminated. It should not be your goal to lose some weight so that you can wear your clothes to attend a particular occasion .. This is an end goal, but your goal should be health and fitness and good appearance and permanent weight loss .. The continuation of the goal to ensure the maximum success, Target.

Fact 5:

Delay and procrastination: Be careful of postponement and procrastination, because postponement and procrastination are usually repeatable, and the answerer adores the word (later) and records a record in the words "I will do," and invents in summoning the arguments and justifications that prevent him from doing his work and recalling the thing and against him at the same time. "I have to begin to lose my weight seriously and insistently," he says elsewhere. "My condition now does not allow me to lose my weight. It is a matter of relaxation, rest and more food." (Read also: healthy diet for anemia patients)

Fact 6:

How to protect yourself against food temptations?
When you feel the urge to eat, be sure to avoid eating for 10-15 minutes, because the desire to eat is shorter after this period, and you should avoid thinking about food and being busy with other activities that have nothing to do with eating, Such as taking a warm bath, doing house cleaning, or even listening to music or reading a book. Important that this activity is linked to eating. In addition, be sure to decide the right amount of food to eat. Eat slowly, and savor every bite with no guilt or defeat, if you surrender to the temptation of food, because that may affect the most willing people.
Fact Seven:
"Chocolate": Learn to eat chocolate without feeling guilty. Chocolates are one of the most common types of foods that lead to the urgency of eating, the inability to get rid of them easily, and guilt. The following strategy can be applied to treat chocolates without guilt and at the same time treat them in a healthy way:

Eat carob instead of chocolate.
Do not buy chocolate when going shopping.
Take care to buy small packages.
Take care to put chocolate in places that are difficult to reach easily.
Avoid eating chocolate while feeling hungry because it increases the longing and passion to eat it.
Eating chocolate after finishing your main meal (about 15 minutes) limits your desire to eat it later.
Eat a piece of raw dark chocolate (less calories and taste stronger), instead of biscuits covered in chocolate or milk mixed with chocolate.
Eat a piece of chocolate candy (80 calories) or half a cup of skimmed milk chocolate (100 calories), with a cup of strawberries (20 calories), instead of eating ice cream with chocolate flavor.

Mix half a cup of skimmed chocolate milk with soft water.
Use chocolate grated on skimmed milk (containing a small spoon of chocolate grated on 20 calories).
Fact 8:
Wrong behaviors: Avoid erroneous behaviors related to eating. This includes avoiding:
Eat fast (in the wheel of obesity and in agility and agility).
Eating large amounts of food, as scientific studies have confirmed that exaggerating the placing of large amounts of food on the table or eating large pots or utensils increase the amount of binge eating, and lack of feeling full, and eating large amounts of food without awareness or enjoyment ).
Take care to eat the remaining food in the dish, studies have indicated that people who suffer from obesity are always keen to eat the meal provided to them in full, and eat the remaining food in the dish, and that they eat these additional amounts of food, despite feeling full, so They resort to removing the remainder of the food under the terms «habit only».
Do other things while eating, even if you just watch TV, read or make a phone conversation, because the brain in this case connects your eating and activity.
Eat while preparing or serving food. This is one of the bad habits that we take care of sometimes, and cause the intake of additional amounts of calories do not recognize them.
Eat in more than one room at home, so you eat while you go home from room to room, and eat here and there, so obese people are keen to keep some food in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and in the bathroom sometimes.

Eating late at night, which leads to the accumulation of calories for low rates of energy burning at night and during sleep.
Dispose of one of the daily meals, which is one of the very bad habits that conflict with agility, because it increases the impact of hunger, so as to increase the amount of food eaten in the next meal
Over-eating during social events and constant meetings with family and friends at fast-food restaurants to eat their fat-filled meals. These events represent social influences and pressures that change the diet you follow and keep it going.

The ninth truth
Bada'at Nutritional: Beware of harmful dietary innovations in the body. With the importance of resistance to obesity and the need to achieve fitness, avoid the phenomenon of heresy of the wrong diet harmful to the body.
One of the dietary fads of bad trigeme contains the need to separate carbohydrates, proteins and fats for the purpose of diet and fitness. These innovations are not scientifically based, because natural foods contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats together in the composition of the same nutrient, but in varying degrees. The vital processes of the metabolism of the three nutrients correspond to one another in a tightly controlled overlap, Food use. Glucose (the final product of carbohydrate digestion), fatty acids (the end result of fat digestion) and amino acids (the ultimate product of digestion of proteins) enter the vital pathway that produces the energy the body needs.

Diet that leads to increased body weight fluctuations and decreases called nutrition experts «diet yo-yo». Scientific studies have warned of the risk of this diet, as a result of increased body exposure to heart disease, more than the body may be exposed to the weight of the weight of the fixed almost, and the "diet of the yo-yo" more resistance to the body to lose weight, so recommend nutrition experts not less The amount of food in daily meals is about the limit that the body provides about 1200 calories, unless there is strict medical supervision.
For example, diet diets rich in proteins and low in the proportion of carbohydrates, harmful to the body, after about two and a half hours of eating these meals turns protein to glucose to provide the needs of the brain, and while continuing this diet, the body uses the vital processes that break the muscles ( The muscle mass in the body is a machine that burns the calories of food energy, which causes the body to store most of the energy obtained from other foods. Image of fat, thus increasing its weight again after a lack of significantly at first. Thus, the body suffers from general weakness, increased fat, muscle weakness and resistance to weight loss again.
Fact 10:

Beware of dieters who eat your body.

Dietary meals should contain the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals within the standard and specific requirements of the day. The aim is to avoid damage to the lack of presence, so that the body does not start to consume what is in the tissues and components of internal organs, a harmful situation is described as serious that the body began to eat itself.

Because all these vitamins and minerals are not in a single nutrient, daily diets should depend on the diversity and moderation of their natural foods to ensure that the body has the necessary vitamins and minerals. And thus show the seriousness of diet heresies that deprive the body from eating certain foods, is exposed to the damage of the lack of.

Before you eat any meal, do not just look for low calorie and low body weight, but be sure to contain vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients from fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber, so you do not start to eat your body.

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