Technological advances turn cars into a means of spy on their owners

Arabs today - technological progress turns cars into a means of spy on their owners

Compete cars companies In the presentation of unique designs and various features, but the great technological progress in the world is different from the nature of competition, to turn cars from a mere means of transport, to devices capable of "spying" on their owners and collect information about them.

And at the Consumer Electronics Show, located in the city Las Vegas, Many car companies have revealed the latest technology used in their vehicles, able to collect data for their owners, and communicate with drivers and pedestrians. The world's largest automakers are keen to produce smart, modern vehicles equipped with devices or applications that enable the driver to shop online, order food, or read news on the dashboard.

Although starting to produce such cars was an attempt to make drivers 'lives easier, new technologies could pose a risk to individuals' privacy as they collect information about drivers and transport them to the manufacturer. Some cars are able to track everything, such as the location of the car, the speed with which it leads, the songs or radio stations that you prefer to listen to, as well as the weight of the driver, according to the Telegraph website.

During the exhibition, BMW revealed a smart driver's assistive system that can identify the driver's favorite song, the temperature he prefers, and the routes he is used to driving to send the latest road news and congestion if he sees the driver driving in the area. Even if the navigation system is closed.

The British newspaper said that some cars are seeking to apply technology that empowers the driver assistance system (which will soon be operating in America with the very fast Internet 5G system) to communicate with the phones of people crossing the road, reducing traffic accidents involving pedestrians.

Smart car manufacturers assert that the use of such technology is intended to ease the lives of drivers, but many people around the world have expressed concerns that companies are collecting so much of their personal information for later use for commercial purposes.

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