"lenovo" displays the first PC with a folding screen

Lenovo in the United States recently reviewed the world's first PC with a large folding screen. The computer came with…

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«Shawomi Mi 80 Pro» … a premium screen phone for games and high quality displays

SHAOMI has released several phones with leading equipment such as the Bokofon F1 and My Mix 3, as well as…

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Liverpool displays his player on Real Madrid .. The Royal Club responds

Liverpool have offered to hire a Real Madrid player to sign him on the current transfer window. The Spanish left-back…

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Instagram displays user passwords by mistake

According to press reports during the past few days that the application of social communication specialist in pictures and short…

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The "Renzo Piano" in London displays some of the most famous archaeological buildings

The Renzo Piano exhibition opened at the Royal Academy in London in September, showing some of the most famous buildings…

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A young Arab woman displays her body "for free sex" on the streets of Spain

The podcast "Sarah Cole" after publishing several controversial videos through the site "Facebook", a free body for anyone who wants…

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