Symptoms of premature aging in children

Premature aging in children Symptoms of premature aging in children

Premature aging is a disease that affects a lot of people as they age. It has wrinkles in the skin and lines around the mouth and eye, but there is a type of aging called premature aging. In children and how to treat them and protection from aging.

Premature aging in children and their symptoms

There are some signs that indicate the presence of aging disease in the child, and we have to have all precautions in order to be the party of treatment as quickly as possible and the signs are: –

  • The eye shape is relatively large for all children of the same age.
  • The lower jaw is noticeably smaller and abnormal.
  • The head size is relatively large.
  • Shape the ear out of the head and end from the top.
  • His voice is very sharp and loud.
  • The nose is weak for an abnormal shape.
  • The mouth is small and the lips are very small.
  • There is no fat and muscle loss.
  • Hair loss, eyebrows and eyelashes continue.

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Tips to deal with your child with premature aging

  • Often or consistently, a child with premature aging is permanently dehydrated, so you must have plenty of water or beverages to consume.
  • Practice to eat a large amount of food, because it loses a lot of fat without making any effort.
  • Physical therapy "many movement" helps the child to feel the pain of the joints, and the feeling of permanent fatigue, you must maintain and care not to move too much.

Health problems due to premature aging

  • Slow growth and lack of normal weight formation and the length is below average.
  • Hardness in the skin and tightens in the epidermis.
  • There are some cases of hearing loss.
  • Delayed formation of teeth, or abnormal appearance.
  • Joint stiffness and joint pain.
  • Osteoporosis and osteomalacia.
  • Insulin resistance.
  • Dislocation of the hip and shoulders very easily.

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Causes of premature aging disease

  • Excessive duties Excessive eating or industrial eating is a major cause, the increase of free radicals, leading to cell damage and aging, and healthy eating is always recommended.
  • Sleep disturbance Lack of sleep and lack of circulatory disorder, which leads to inactivity of the body and sagging cells and the increased chances of premature aging.
  • Stress Stress and tension is abnormal to the health and revitalization of the body, and this is a major factor affecting sagging cells and imposing aging.
  • Inactivity, laziness and uncle's ability to do any work, helps to get premature aging, you have to do the stimulation of blood circulation and the work of any sport and activate the cells constantly.
  • The accumulation of toxins in the body produces many factors and harmful to the body, and accelerate the process of premature aging of the injured.
  • Diabetes and lack of control well and pressure sugar, too, when taking and attention to control sugar constantly helps to live a normal life without the intervention of any other disease, and neglect in it helps to chances of developing premature aging.

Aging skin factors

  • Genetic causes of similar genes.
  • Emotional disorders, stress and thinking a lot.
  • Many other factors such as mechanical and chemical factors.
  • Frequent addition of powders and cosmetics on the skin, especially inferior species.
  • Frequent smoking and drinking alcohol.

Prevention of skin aging

  • Stay away from emotional and psychological disorders.
  • Do not use any wicked beauty product of unknown origin.
  • Keep on drinking water and healthy food constantly, and distance from industrial food is unknown source.
  • Purify the body of toxins, eat all healthy drinks.
  • Completely away from any soft drinks.
  • Adjust sleep schedule and keep sports constantly.
  • Do not be exposed to sunlight, during the afternoon because it is more dangerous, because it contains
  • UV rays are very harmful.
  • Not to be exposed to any dust and contaminated winds, keep sitting only in clean places.

Foods to eat when you have premature aging

It is recommended to eat foods rich in oxidation, such as:

  • Some wild herbs such as thyme, basil and tea of ​​all kinds.
  • Garlic should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach.This expels all toxins and keeps the body free of any microbes.
  • The affected person should eat everything that is rich in wheat derivatives, such as milk, brown bread, bulgur, rice and barley.
  • Eating high-fiber foods such as white meat is more beneficial for the aging patient, fish and chicken, especially ducks, because they are rich in acid oxide, and these types secrete a substance that protects completely from any disease.
  • Bananas and green apples should be eaten continuously.

Tips I have premature aging

What you can do when you know about premature aging:

  • You should first go to the doctor, after you have a complete blood tests, which is "measuring blood sugar, sodium, potassium and calcium in the blood, and the work of liver and kidney functions."
  • Complete ECG, cross-section of the brain very accurately.
  • In the event of these signs with high temperature should be done on the chest to find out the presence of pneumonia or not.
  • Urine and stool tests should be done to detect and detect the presence of infections in the urinary tract.
  • A blood bacterial culture should be performed to determine the presence of bacteria in the blood that cause the disease.

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This was a brief overview of information on premature aging in children and useful tips when you get sick.


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