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Symptoms of Pregnancy After Microscopy Week by Detail

Microscopy Symptoms of Pregnancy After Microscopy Week by Detail

Waiting after the procedure is the most difficult thing that passes through the lady for fear that the failure of the process, and injections microscopy is the fertilization of the egg artificial sperm to the pregnancy and the choice of procedure is the appropriate choice for couples after a year or more of pregnancy does not occur naturally And the wife took a lot of stimulants that stimulate the ovaries, the woman passes after the injection of the microscopic psychological state of bad, because of the ideas and concerns that run the risk, all disappear after the emergence of symptoms of pregnancy it is the definitive evidence on the success of injections microscopy and it is the fifth day of the process Transplantation Yen uterus.

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Ages suitable for successful injection:

Doctors determined that women who were under 35 years of age had a higher rate of success than women. The women who were over 35 years of age were 40 percent successful. If the woman was 40 years of age and above, The success rate of the operation is twelve per cent.

Important Tips After Microscopy:

A woman who has had a micro-injection should keep the baby following the following guidelines:

  • The woman should keep herself from any infection from any source so as not to get any disease.
  • Which in turn leads to reduced immunity and exposure to danger or injury to the fetus any problem leading to descent or injury to any congenital malformations.
  • Women who have had micro-injections maintain their exposure to a high current of air to provide a suitable environment for the development of the fetus.
  • Women should be given adequate rest and no fatigue or physical exhaustion, whether at work or at home.
  • Or being in public transport or carrying heavy objects where they must be retrieved on their backs most of the time.
  • The woman who has the microscope should warm the place where she is sitting and wear some heavy clothes because the warm environment helps the fetus grow.
  • A woman who seeks to complete a micro-injection should avoid sexual intercourse after the operation because of the risk that the operation may cause failure.

Signs of Pregnancy After Microscopy:

The lady has a number of symptoms that give us hope for a successful operation that begins to emerge after the fifth day:

  • The woman feels pressure and abdominal pain.
  • This is due to hormonal changes as well.
  • The gases increase in the colon, leading to swelling in the abdomen.
  • The body temperature rises because hormones are disturbed and contractions in the lower abdomen.
  • The woman who has been successful in injecting her with a desire to drink plenty of water is growing.
  • And access to the bathroom every very short periods of time, due to the increased rate of metabolism.

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Symptoms of Pregnancy After Microscopy:

Pain in the breast if pressed in this indicator is very likely implantation of the fetus in her womb.

  • Where the lady feels bloated and the nipple becomes darker.
  • It also becomes very sensitive and varies from one woman to another.
  • The dates of the menstrual cycle are changed by taking them off at a different time than normal.
  • Accompanied by abdominal disorders and bleeding.
  • The lady feels that she has undergone a micro-injection.
  • She became very sleepy for hours on end.
  • Because of the change of body hormones.
  • A woman who is at the beginning of her days in pregnancy suffers from a headache, a feeling of nausea and a desire to vomit.
  • Women who have undergone an injection and have already had a severe back pain from the bottom, such as menstrual pain, are more severe.
  • The woman must follow up with her doctor after work and radiation tests to ensure the success of the process of injection or failure.
  • If the operation fails, God forbid it can be repeated more than once, the success rate each time exceeds the percentage the time that precedes it.
  • Pain in different parts of the body without the ability to determine the source of pain.
  • The next step is to do the pregnancy test at home to make sure that you are going to go to the lab for a digital pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant or not.
  • Fifteen days after the procedure, the woman feels normal symptoms of pregnancy.

One of the most important signs of failure is:

You have to accept the idea that the injection of microscopic injection more than once and do not feel shocked in case of failure we will tell you a number of symptoms that indicate the failure of the process:

The signs that indicate the failure of the injection of microscopy are the menstrual blood loss, which is not meant by the small spots that may result from the embryo implantation, the lack of feeling of pain or cramps in the lower abdomen or back.

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We hope to provide you with useful information, encourage you to take the procedure of immunization and help you know if the process has succeeded or failed, please send your inquiries and comments and share your experiences and experiences.


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