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Symptoms of confirmed pregnancy a week before the course

Symptoms of confirmed pregnancy a week before the course Symptoms of confirmed pregnancy a week before the course

Symptoms of confirmed pregnancy a week before the course Waiting for two weeks can be tough on women even on the most resilient ladies. These two weeks often result in a little obsessive thinking about all the small symptoms we face and can also be a sign that the menstrual cycle is coming.

One of the most important symptoms that women may encounter in the early days before they discover pregnancy and one week before the session, we will learn about the most early signs of pregnancy that women can easily identify.

Sensitive nipples

Many women report that they suffer from sensitive nipples due to increased hormones and progesterone at the beginning of pregnancy. Your breasts will start to gain more fat and increase milk volume. This can also increase the sensitivity. The nipple will become more inflated, but this happens more generally. First few weeks.

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Bleeding is a major symptom of pregnancy

Some women suffer from mild bleeding. This is often described as "rarely" and not something that all pregnant women will know, and can sometimes make mistakes early, but there is no need to worry.

Spasm or contractions in the uterus

The occurrence of cramping is considered difficult because it may also mean that the course is on its way, but some women suffer from mild contractions in the first weeks or even months of pregnancy, this can be due to a number of things such as expanding the uterus, or the yellow body sac that triggers progesterone So take the placenta in about 12 weeks.

Extreme fatigue

Many pregnant women are sleepy and sleep most of the time. If you have very few late nights, ignore this but if you are comfortable, you still find yourself fighting drowsiness before dinner time, this may be an early sign that you are pregnant.


Nausea in the morning Some people suffer from nausea. They start from the early days of pregnancy, either in the form of weakness and stomach discomfort, or in more extreme cases, are actual vomiting, this is often worse in the morning on an empty stomach, so if you suffer From nausea to pregnancy, try a snack.

Enter the bathroom for the night a lot

When a woman is in the final months of pregnancy, the fetus probably presses the bladder, leading to an increased desire to urinate, but did you know that this could also be an early symptom of pregnancy? Directly from pregnancy your body begins to expand to accommodate the fetus that is about to begin to grow, along with pregnancy hormones that create more blood flow, and can often lead to waking up early in the morning to empty the bladder.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Constipation?

The hormone progesterone works to slow the bowel, and it is the problem for pregnant women where the body produces more than a hormone If the woman takes pre-pregnancy vitamin containing iron, this can increase the complexity of the problem, you must drink water so much that does not cause constipation .

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Change the taste

Some women suggest that taste changes very early in pregnancy, some reports have a metallic taste in their mouths, while others experience a change in tastes or even an increase in saliva, and some even bleed gums when cleaning their teeth, which are also associated with changes In the mouth.

So if you notice that you suddenly experience your usual late-night chocolate tasting, or no longer appreciate the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, you may be about to enter pregnancy.

Feeling dizzy or dizzy

Dizziness or headache can be caused by morning sickness, but even if you do not feel nausea, feeling dizzy or dizziness is a sign of early pregnancy symptoms. This is associated with increased blood volume and changes in blood circulation, or even low blood sugar levels Early pregnancy.

Eating small meals and undressed clothing is a good idea if you are prone to dizziness. If you feel faint, lie down or sit with your head between your legs, ask for medical attention.

Mood Swings

Many women suffer from mood swings at the beginning of pregnancy. The change in hormone levels is the reason why you cry, for example, at night or get irritated from the least things and do not want to talk to anyone much.

Many of these symptoms are normal for many women, but if you have multiple complications, you may want to test whenever you can.

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At the end of the article, if you feel any of these symptoms, you should make sure that you do a sonar or surgery to be careful if you are pregnant and then follow up with your doctor to keep you healthy and healthy.


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