Swedish becomes the first pregnant in the world after the implantation of the uterus using a "robot"

Swedish becomes the first pregnant woman in the world after uterine implantation using a robot

A Swedish woman became the first pregnant woman in the world after a hysterectomy in 2017. When she gives birth this spring, she will be the 14th female to give birth to a child after the uterus transplant.

Doctors said the use of robots had "a great future" and made surgery less harmful to donors. Five other women underwent uterine implants through robotic surgery at the University of Gothenburg, but none of them were yet pregnant.

Robots are allowed to be surgically operated through 5 1 cm holes in the donor's body, unlike the large cracks needed by human surgeons. This leads to patients losing less blood and spending less time in hospital after donating the uterus, experts say.

"I think robotic surgery has a great future in this area, as the donor loses less," said Professor Mates Brunström, a leading researcher in the field of robotic surgery. Of the blood, and the patient feels better after surgery. "

The robot is controlled by two surgeons, using a control device that turns their movements into precise movements in the arm of the robot. Affected by this breakthrough, British surgeons plan to implant the uterus for the first time in the country this year.

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