Surprise: Google will close Google+ because of a very serious security problem

2018 was a complicated year in terms of the security and privacy of our personal data. The Cambridge Analytica scandal on Facebook was the best known case, but it is not the only case, and now everything is pointing to Google as another large company that has been exposed to data from thousands of users without warning about this event.

This was stated in an investigation conducted The Wall Street Journal , Who had access to information that revealed a bug in Google’s social network known as Google+ , This bug allows access to user profile information.
The problem was not just that, but the most serious was that it remained from 2015 to 2018, meaning that over three years this security vulnerability could be exploited. Although Google+ is not the most popular network, it is still used by thousands of users In the world.

North American media indicate that he had access to an email written by Google’s Policy and Use Policy team and sent to the company’s chief executives, stating that publishing information on this error might assume a regulatory interest on the part of the government in the United States.
The investigation indicates that
Google You have not found any evidence or doubt that someone has taken advantage of this error to misuse user data, but the concern is that the company kept this fact silent.
Google’s plan was supposed to be advertising the security failure at some point. At the same time, this ad will also come with the official closure of Google+, which seems to be better for Google after this event, because, as we mentioned, Google+ Not the most popular social network in the world.
Of course none of this is official, and the company has not mentioned it yet, but the future of Google does not seem good and possible, and less after this serious security problem.


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