Suheir Abdel Hamid confirms that the Egyptian health file in progress is clear

Suheir Abdel Hamid confirms that the Egyptian health file in progress is clear

The head of the General Authority for Health Insurance Suheir Abdel Hamid expressed her opinion on the health file in the country, stressing the change in the way the Egyptian families treat their health conditions, thanks to initiatives described by the successful launch by the institutions of the presidency and the government to clarify the most important challenges facing the health of Egyptians.

She said that the number of beneficiaries of the health insurance system in Egypt is estimated at 58 million Egyptians covered by the insurance and benefit from its services, and we were surprised during the recent disclosure within the initiatives of the virus that there are citizens who do not know that they are insured, the number of nearly 3 million citizens.

She added: The citizen can make sure that he is covered by the insurance system through a quick review that we provide in all branches of health insurance, using specialized teams from the Department of Statistics, and in this regard I call on citizens who have come out of retirement specifically, to fill out a form showing their desire to benefit from insurance.

She explained that the Egyptian health insurance exists strongly in most of the presidential and ministerial initiatives recently, we draw our forces to terminate the waiting lists and conduct urgent surgery, and the elimination of virus C, and ensure that in nine governorates of Egypt in full.

And revealed that the budget of the Egyptian health insurance and the manner of collection of these resources, amounting to 16 billion Egyptian pounds, mainly recover our coffers from the tax collected on the prices of selling cigarettes, legally contributes directly to improve the conditions of medical service on the one hand, and improve the wages and incomes of doctors also, unlike Other funding items, such as patients' contributions to treatments, and radiation.

"We have only 39 health-care hospitals, which are not in line with the services of 58 million citizens," she said. "We have expanded our contracts with other hospitals. We have sought to run clinics that serve the elderly who can not afford to pile up and wait. We have succeeded in retrieving the citizen's confidence once again in our services.

"The reality in the health insurance hospitals in the past was very bad. We saw hospitals and health centers that were closed to patients who were transferred from health insurance, and we responded to these distortions, with other negative phenomena as a type," she said. Care, and provision of basic medical and pharmaceutical supplies.

"We observed many medical phenomena that were in need of urgent intervention, for example anemia among Egyptians, reached 22%, other than dwarfism and obesity, requires the participation of ideas outside the Fund related to the development of health policies to restore sports activity among young people, In our blood, and on our side we take out the appropriate medicines for each case, and do not give up the citizens.

She pointed out that the most disturbing phenomena in health also, is related to diseases of malignant tumors and specifically breast cancer, and we face the opening and launch of clinics aimed at early detection, and sought to obtain the latest drugs to treat this type of tumors, and our approach in this regard, , We are besieging the disease until the suffering from it to prevent the complete eradication of the breast and lymph nodes, and provide medicines free of charge for long periods of up to 3 years.

She explained that the policies adopted by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi have contributed to changing the Egyptian citizen's perception of the traditional image of caring for the health dimension in their lives. Parents have become infected with their children on various health and insurance units that provide prophylactic and exploratory initiatives for diseases proactively. On the health of citizens, and by continuing the successful initiatives we will be able to achieve impressive figures on health in Egypt.

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