Successful surgery for the American Warriors Star

Successful surgery for the American Warriors Star

Kevin Durant, the American warriors, underwent a successful operation on Tuesday after suffering a torn leg in front of the Toronto Raptors in the fifth game of the NBA final.

"I had a ruptured Achilles tendon, and the operation was done yesterday and it was a success," Durrant, 30, said in a post posted on his front page on the ING website.

"The way back is starting now, my family was on my side and we appreciate all the messages of affection and support from people," he said. "It will be a long way, but I am ready for that. I am a basketball player."

The Warriors kept their hopes of becoming the second team in history to crown the NBA after losing 3-1 in the final, beating the Raptors in the fifth game last Monday, 106-105, to reduce the difference to 2-3, But lost in the match the efforts of star and goalkeeper Durant, who was injured after only 12 minutes of play.

The competition in the NBA final continues this season for a sixth game, in which the Raptors can win the title if they win.

If the Warriors win in the sixth game, the teams draw 3-3 and the match continues for the seventh game, which is a decisive result of the title.

Source: Agencies

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