Students broke through the school’s Wi-Fi and missed it to avoid taking exams

Students broke through the school’s Wi-Fi and missed it to avoid taking exams

The exam may be the worst part of the education system, since you have to show that you have very good memory. Two students at the Secaucus Institute in New Jersey wanted to get rid of any form of exam, so they launched a smart attack on the Wi-Fi network.

students broke through the school's wi-fi and missed it to avoid taking exams

Their goal is clearly a Wi-Fi network for the Institute, which is used to perform exercises and also for exams. These 14-year-old students discovered that the Wi-Fi network was vulnerable For DDoS attacks , So that the network can be invalid after the procedure DDoS attack On them when they wanted.

It is not known exactly how they did this, but the students interviewed confirmed that the attacks were carried out using a program or application that made the network completely unfit. In fact, this caused the router routers to stop because they could not manage much traffic. It was not even possible to access the router’s sign-in page after this attack. 

The 634 students use Chromebooks to do all their tasks and rely on the Internet for normal classroom work.

According to the testimonies, in one case they were confirmed to have carried out the attack on the network to avoid the exam, while it was also reported that one of the boys did so for a friend who did not prepare for the exam well.


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