SpaceX launched a super-heavy Falcon rocket with as many as 150 people aboard

spacex launched a super-heavy falcon rocket with as many as 150 people aboard

On 25 June, SpaceX launched a high-capacity Falcon heavy-lift rocket with 3.7 tons of the necessary load, including 24 different spacecraft, from Canaferal, California.

The payload also included a dedicated laboratory to study the propagation of radio signals in the Earth's atmosphere, a device to assess the ability of the so-called "solar sail" to propel spacecraft in the universe, and a range of COSMIC-2 satellites used to study the climate and the ionosphere, The error does not exceed one second over 9 million years, as are metal capsules containing ashes of 152 people to be scattered in space.

The company "Memorial Space Lights" the United States to provide such services for the price of $ 5 to 12.5 thousand dollars.

The two accelerator units are expected to return to Earth as they will land gently on two platforms belonging to the US airbase at Cape Canaveral. The first stage of the missile landed on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean.

The two accelerator units were used on April 11 to launch the Saudi satellite Arabsat 6A.

Source: TASS

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