«Soprono de Bhutan» The oldest restaurant in the world according to Guinness Encyclopedia »

«Soprono de Bhutan» The oldest restaurant in the world according to Guinness Encyclopedia »

One of the most famous landmarks in Madrid and I do not need his address to reach it

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Bhutan is one of Madrid's most important landmarks

London: Luisa Bolido

Before 1 pm, and the doors of the restaurant are about to open to guests for lunch, two Spanish tourists and their tour guide climb the narrow stairs leading to the main floor of the restaurant "Sobrino de Botín", known as the Boten Restaurant, While an elegant man in a luxury white vest and black tie stands to answer phone calls from customers trying to reserve tables for lunch or dinner at this upscale restaurant, the world's oldest restaurant, according to the Guinness Book of Records, first founded in 1725 Gregorian calendar.
Lucky customers who call for a reservation on the same day may find a table at the restaurant, but they may have to arrive at the restaurant as late as 11 pm that day. While the phone ring of the restaurant does not stop all day, and the waiters constantly check that the dishes and dishes are placed in an ideal arrangement, the queue outside the restaurant is increasing. Not only are tourists visiting the restaurant, but many Spanish families do not consider their trip to the capital Madrid complete without visiting this restaurant for lunch or dinner there.
The restaurant "Bhutan" is so well known there is no need to give the taxi driver the address to call you. Everyone there knows he occupies number 17 of the Cochilleros street next to Mayor Plaza in the heart of Madrid.
The exterior of the restaurant is in addition to the original main door of the wood. The restaurant has five dining halls spread over four floors. There are plenty of woodwork and small red stone inside the restaurant, and the current restaurant building is the original old building. "My family arrived in Spanish territory in the 1920s and have settled and have lived here ever since. I represent the fourth generation of my ancestors," says Antonio Gonzalez, who is from the Gonzalez family that runs the restaurant.
Mr. Antonio, who works in the restaurant like the rest of his family, knows the history of this place well. "The restaurant was founded by a French chef named Jean Botan, which is the oldest restaurant in the world because it never closed its doors and never changed its name. The restaurant has been operating continuously since the foundation date. " There is a recorded history over the years the restaurant works. The history of the place itself seems to be recorded in every corner and in a very homely manner that appears in the menu that you must first identify so that you can see its contents.
During the interview in the restaurant, more than 100 people arrived to take pictures and some video clips of the place, all of whom were very careful while crossing the narrow passages inside the restaurant. To go downstairs, you have to lower your head a bit because the height of the ceiling is lower than usual. "It's small spaces, the doors are lower and more suitable for the height of the people at the time the restaurant is built," Antonio said.
There has been no alteration to the restaurant building for years since it was built. The kitchen is very small, but the chefs are working very fast, just like the waiters who receive orders from each table.
"It was the original building of the restaurant since 1725 with a vault dating back to the 16th century, and we have here historical documents dating back to 1580, the oldest place of the building. The furnace is due to the same period of time ». One of the specialties in the restaurant is the baked dishes cooked in the original antique wood burning kilns. One of the most famous dishes is the lamb dish and the hake with the potato. The food is served in round and always round-cut pottery dishes. The restaurant's oven is so old that guests always ask to take pictures next to it, along with the chefs who wear impeccable white work for daily work there.
The restaurant serves traditional Spanish dishes. There are some cooking recipes that belong to the ancestors of the Gonzalez family and which gave the restaurant its distinct personality.
Next to a small round table, near the staircase leading to the basement of the restaurant, there are two large, elegant dining spaces reserved for many certificates of appreciation, gratitude and gratitude, and a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records 2010, Restaurants all over the world.
Antonio says one of the guests at the restaurant contacted Guinness in 1987, noting that the restaurant in Madrid may be the oldest restaurant in the world. It was only the establishment that they contacted the restaurant's management to verify the matter and concluded the historical truth.
"We are very happy with that appreciation, but it does not change anything in the way we do things here," Antonio continues. The restaurant is one of the main sights for any tour of Madrid. On any normal day, Antonio counts the arrival of more than 600 people to visit the restaurant. The restaurant can accommodate up to 200 guests on a single shift, and the restaurant serves lunch between 1:30 and 3:00 pm daily, and dinner between 8 pm and 2 am the next morning.
The recommended dessert in this restaurant is Tart Bhutan, a sponge cake with creamy, freckled cream. All of the food in this restaurant is characterized by a traditional and local flavor, and this is evident in the building and the general atmosphere of the restaurant.


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