Some of the difficulties the mother faces in changing a child's personality

Arabs today - some of the difficulties that the mother faces in changing the personality of the child

If there's a problem with your child's personality, you're definitely trying to change your personality, but it's not that easy

First: part of the personality traits innate and the other acquired.

Second: Trying to change the personality from the opposite to the opposite in my opinion attempts are emotionally stressful and often fail.

Third, we can help the child to adjust undesirable traits. For example, encourage him to engage in situations where he is forced to deal with others so as to resist the side of social shyness, but without pressure and without aphasia in front of others … with more experience Of time.

Fourthly, a person can change more effectively if he is convinced of the need for change. If you continue to convince your child that her style is aggravated by her husband, she will not be satisfied unless her friends are angry with her.

Fifth: You must focus on the idea that the personality is wonderful when you are receiving and every feature of positive within the limits of shame beautiful but within the limits of the beautiful but within the limits.

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