Solutions to get rid of blackness under the armpits know

The Arabs today - solutions to get rid of the black under the armpits know

Because of the high temperature, some girls are exposed to darkening and pigmentation in the area under the armpits, which lose beauty, we give you tips to get rid of underarm underarm.

Avoid friction:

Which is an important cause of sweating, and with the use of anti-sweating and wearing tight clothes, hot weather and excess weight, you should try to maintain dry under the armpits permanent bathing, and use of a suitable deodorant, and changing clothes constantly and the use of cotton.

– Treatment of fungal infections:

The area of ​​the axilla is an environment conducive to the growth of fungi, which cause redness of the skin and itching, and when feeling these symptoms should consult your doctor and take appropriate treatment.

– Sugar control permanently:

Most people with or without diabetes have hypodermic pigmentation, so you should check your blood sugar from time to time, have a proper health system, and visit your dermatologist, where some topical ointments or peeling can be applied.

– Stop shaving armpits:

The shaving of the armpits with the blade gives them a darker color. The hair can be removed by the laser, which removes the follicles and the area is always clean.


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