Smart smells that attract the husband to his wife

Arabs today - smart smells that attract the husband to his wife

Aromatherapy is a source of inspiration and affection between the couple, but it is the source of attraction to the house with all its corners, so dear know the best smells that attract men through the following article.

• Lavender or lavender fragrance: Lavender fragrance has a natural, attractive and relaxing scent, so do not hesitate to give the room a special fragrance if you are planning an unforgettable romantic evening.

• Vanilla Fragrance: Vanilla is one of the most fragrances that promote sexual desire. So researchers have worked that this fragrance has the greatest impact to attract and seduce the husband.

• Grass smell: This attractive and refreshing fragrance is hard to resist. Your husband will inevitably fall under the charm of this natural and soft fragrance.

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