Sleeping with TV light increases the risk of obesity in women!

Sleeping with TV light increases the risk of obesity in women!

Scientists warned that sleep with light or television light can lead to obesity because it confuses the body clock.

The study showed that those exposed to industrial light of any kind in the evening are more likely to gain weight by 17%.

A sample of women was followed for five years, and the results found that those who reported leaving lights during sleep were overweight by about 5 kg.

The researchers believe the reason for this is to stop sleep, which affects the balance of hormones and makes people looking for food with high calories.

The researchers said the results were "perfectly logical" and added to the growing evidence of industrial lighting damage in the pre-sleep period.

The study, conducted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in North Carolina, involved about 44,000 women, had no history of cancer or cardiovascular disease, and women who did night shifts or who slept during the day, as well as not pregnant at the beginning studying.

Women in the study ranged in age from 35 to 74 years, and all were reported to sleep with artificial light.

The results found that sleep with light or television in the room increased the risk of overweight and obesity, 22% were more likely to gain new weight, and 33% were more likely to become newly obese.

The researchers hypothesized that this may be because the lack of sleep changes the hormones that regulate appetite. In addition, short sleep simply means more time awake, and thus more time to eat.

The researchers, led by Dr. Young Moon Mark Park, pointed out that exposure to industrial light at night can reflect unhealthy behaviors, such as unhealthy diet, unstable lifestyle or stress, and socio-economic loss.

Reducing the exposure to artificial light at night during sleep can be seen as a prevention of obesity, the researchers said.

Source: Daily Mail

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