Simple steps protect your phone from spyware

simple steps protect your phone from spyware

Tech experts recommend following a few simple steps to protect your smartphone from the risk of spyware or hacking.

The user can achieve this goal by going to the phone settings menu and activate or disable some features, including:

Microphone Control Feature:

Some applications, when loaded in the phone, require access to the microphone in it, and sometimes start recording sounds without the user's knowledge. To prevent this process, the user must follow a few steps:

– Go to the Settings menu.

– Press the privacy button.

– Press the microphone option, and then a list of applications that can use the microphone, and the user selects the applications you trust.

Camera Control Feature:

The user can identify the applications in his phone that can access the camera in the same way that applications that access the microphone, thus protecting himself from the risk of being spied on the camera phone.

Location settings:

Many applications in phones can determine the precise location of the phone, and hackers can take advantage of this feature to locate and take advantage of this information for their own purposes. To prevent this, it is best not to allow any application to take advantage of the location feature .

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