"Shawarma" arouse a wave of anger at the "Social Media"

Shawarma raises a wave of anger at Social Media

The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz published an article entitled "Shawarma. The famous Israeli street food is slowly returning to Tel Aviv," explaining that food lovers are making successful attempts to return the meat in the bread to the city.

The newspaper claimed that shawarma was Israeli food to ridicule many on social networking sites, where some pointed out that some other countries can claim that other foods belong to it, and wrote "pizza, the classic street food of the United States can be found now in Nablus."

"The hamburgers, street food in Sweden can be found even in America," another said jokingly. "Pizzas are popular Senegalese food, and slowly return to Dakar."

Another guy on Twitter said, "The shawarma is Israeli, the falafel is Israeli, the pizza is Israeli, everything is along the way."

However, some were less happy with the title, and went on to describe what happened as a "steal of culinary art," and one of them said, "Israeli shawarma is just like a Chinese spaghetti." Stop stealing our culture, enough that you have already stolen most of our land.

"A shameful behavior erases historical and cultural ties to the famous street food, and strongly suggests that Israel has invented shawarma and reinstates its exclusive ownership," said another commentator.

Shawarma is traditionally made of sheep meat and is one of the most famous street foods in the world. The controversy is about the inventor of chickpeas, a sham dish that the Turks, the Lebanese and the Syrians claim to have invented.

British chef Jimmy O'Leary was recently accused of cultural theft after launching a trademark that was described as abhorrent to rice. "The brand of the famous chef is not suitable," said British MP Down Downer. "Others said on social networking sites that the rice meal does not contain On traditional British components. "

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