Shaima Begum, the bride of the British Islamic state, faces the unknown

Shaima Begum, the bride of the British Islamic state, faces the unknown


Shaima Begum, one of three British students who left London in 2015 to join the Islamic state, said she wanted to return to Britain.

Who is Chemma Bigom and what do you do?

Shaima Begum of Bethnal Green East of London, Britain, in 2015, intensified the power of the Islamic State Organization in Damascus and Iraq.

Shaima and two of her friends, Amira Abbasi and Khadija Sultana Ghadren, flew from London's Gatwick airport to Turkey after lying to their parents about their plans, while seeking to join a fourth friend, Sharmina Begum, who left in 2014.

The smugglers working for the organization transferred them across the border to the areas controlled by the organization's fighters in Syria and there were married to foreign fighters who flowed to the organization from all over the world.

The aim of the organization was to raise a new generation of children loyal to the alleged caliphate and the seduction of young women was the key to this plan.

Like other young British women, Shaima initially lived in a house with others where they underwent more ideological lessons until the right groom was found.

Khadija Sultana was killed two years later in an air strike on Raqqa, media reports said.

It is reported that Shama's husband is Yugo Ridjek, an English-Dutch who converted to Islam and who told The Times that their first and second children died of malnutrition and lack of medication.

As the air raids on Raqqa and the area controlled by the organization intensified, the couple fled to the last strongholds of the organization before Shaima moved to a refugee camp with her third child.

How extreme is it?

When Shamima and her friends fled to Syria, British parents and security services hoped the girls would return to their senses and try to return.

The security services in London also feared that girls would become propaganda tools in the hands of the state.

It appears from Shaima's tone with the Times that she is not restless when she described her vision of an anti-organized militant head as broken and not described as "the enemy of Islam."

Can she return to Britain?

In the short term, no, there is no British consulate in Syria to help, and officials will not tell troops to risk their lives to help a person who has joined a banned terrorist organization.

But assuming she left the refugee camp and crossed the border into Turkey, could she board the plane to Britain?

The answer is also no, since she does not have any travel documents since the organizers were forced to hand over their passports and in fact some of them burned them as evidence of loyalty to the organization.

The British Home Office has the authority to revoke passports to prevent people from freely moving. This is a well-known tactic to prevent fighters from crossing the border. Britain has the power to strip Shamima of nationality, which is unlikely because it is not a fighter.

If they are safe, security officials can temporarily control their return through temporary exclusion, a legal procedure that has been used nine times in 2017.

This legal procedure prevents the return of a British citizen to consent to be subjected to investigation and surveillance and if necessary to undergo what is necessary to get rid of the "extremism".

What about her age?

From the legal point of view, she was a child when she joined the organization. If she was under 18, the British government had to take her "interest" into consideration when considering the next step.

But now she seems too rude and if she wants to go back she has to bear the consequences of her work and face a possible trial even if her story is about marriage and mistreatment.

She says she is in her ninth month of pregnancy and that if she were put in peace, she wanted to return to Britain. This is a slightly different and more complex issue.

If Shaima is still British, her child will be, and this will require taking into account the interests of the child.

This does not mean sending troops out of there, but social services will have to look at the return of a mother and child if they have the ability to return.

According to statistics, since 2015 about 100 children in England and Wales have been prevented from being transferred to the conflict zones in Syria and Iraq. This has required legal action, including the transfer of their care to other families. Evidence has been provided in some cases about children being brainwashed by parents. Shamaima child complex.

Is Shimima Begum tried?

It is in the public interest to take such a step, and there is a precedent in this regard. There is Tarina Shakil of Burton Abon Trent, who is also a jihadist bride who left the conflict zone. Upon her return to Britain, she was imprisoned for membership in a terrorist group. This is the kind of trial that she may face if she returns.

But if Bigom returns to Britain, she will be subjected to thorough investigations and undergo a rehabilitation program to rid her of extremist ideas through a group of trained experts, a difficult task that does not usually work.

But these experts are the only ones who can determine whether Shaima Begum can return to normal life.

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