"Shahama of the 21st century" .. A woman carrying a man on her back to not be confused! (Video)

"Shahama of the 21st century" .. A woman carrying a man on her back to not be confused! (Video)

The sight of a man in formal dress taking a woman's back so as not to puddle his feet caused a great shock to the Internet pioneers as it spread recently.

The Daily Mail reported that July 17 saw torrential rain, flooding the facilities of Short Hills train station in New Jersey. An eyewitness on this rainy day depicted a man in a dark uniform standing at the entrance to the station cautiously and water pouring down the stairs.

The following video shows the arrival of a woman after several seconds, giving him an umbrella and carrying him on her back to pass the flooded passage.

The woman took the man to the train carriage, in front of the eyewitnesses and caused a wave of laughter among the passengers. "I got out of the train and saw this (elite) representative," the video first appeared in Twitter on July 18.

The video was widely distributed on Twitter and received 16,000 likes, 4,000 submissions and hundreds of tweets.

Source: Daily Mail


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