Sex is enough to stimulate all the muscles of the body

Sex is enough to stimulate all the muscles of the body

The expert confirmed that sex uses all the muscles of the body, which reaches 657 muscle, which may lead to the activation and training of all muscles of the body, and spoke to those who do not have time to go to the gym, it is not necessary to go to it, as the activities Every day you can energize your entire body, just do your daily activities.

At times getting fitness seems daunting. With short days, cold weather, and diet instability, we can find a million to avoid the gym, but anatomy expert Mike Inger insisted that we do not have to despair: there are dozens of movements The daily that keeps our muscles active, most importantly, sex, which uses all our 657 muscles – depending on the mood.

Inger is one of the defenders of a new campaign to help people get the best training that can give our body energy. The campaign is also helping to raise awareness about muscular atrophy, a deadly and tragic disease.

We use hundreds of muscles to do everything while we do not rarely, either in texting, playing golf, running the car, or even getting a kiss.

For example, a dagger, known as "dad-dancing", which focuses on the lower extremities, consumes 85 muscles. Surprisingly, even watching a movie uses 16 muscles in your eyes. .

In practice, golfing uses 137 muscles, while bikes use a 155 muscle, but the most complete body training is sex, which will make you have sex at your best.

"The bedroom has everything you need to stimulate your body muscles," says Inger, who runs the London Physical Therapy and sports Medicine Clinic, where all the skeletal muscles of the movement are used, no matter how powerful.

"All the involuntary muscles play a continuous role in digestion, breathing and circulation, and of course the heart muscles are an integral part of the blood pumping process to all the right places, which are very important in any activity."

He added that physical inactivity can lead to the loss of 3-5% of the muscle mass of 10 years, but you can slow down this decline with regular exercise and better protein nutrition.

In an attempt to find a way to make people get more self-strength, Ingere helped design many of the sport systems that help. In these systems, the system basically depends on sitting and standing with a full glass of water on your head.


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