Secrets about women 's desire for intimacy

Secrets about women 's desire for intimacy

Each couple can find the intimate harmony between them, perhaps spontaneously, or repeated conscious conversations, but there are many women who shy from addressing this subject; how to break this ice ?.

Women's views

A study by the Brazilian Institute of Social and Family Studies (SINAI) confirmed that the intimate situation among women is different and varies in different societies. Women can to some extent carry some unpopular points in men when they are intimate, but this continues to affect what a number of social researchers have called "intimate harmony" between husbands.

The study said that men have a certain mechanism; to exercise intimacy, which is simple, but it is complicated for women and perhaps, this complexity is the main reason, which makes them to the extent of hatred of the relationship, and try to avoid with the husband by various means.

Secrets must be realized by men

Some women say that what they want from husbands may be secrets that should not be discussed; not to hurt the feelings of men, but this is a big mistake because women have the right to give men reasonable attention to their desires and likes and dislikes. Intimate, what is it?

First, most women are concerned about their appearance

The Brazilian Institute said in its brief study on this subject: Men do not pay attention to the efforts of women to decorate themselves, and the use of make-up or dress, which raise the desire of men, as if imposed on them, and without giving the value of men.

II – nice talk before the relationship

Most men want to go directly into intimacy, without pacing, and emphasized that what is most interesting to the desire of women is the beautiful talk, conducted by the man, and touches on the beauty of his wife and femininity. The study confirmed that the beautiful soft talk between the couple strengthens the harmony between them.

III. Intimacy is inseparable from other duties

The study pointed out that intimate relationships for women are like other activities of daily life. They do not separate them from other duties, but the man is prepared by that glare, which must be distinguished from the rest of life's activities. There are men who are very quick to ask for the intimate relationship of the wife, who may be occupied by another order but wants her to be ready at the moment, which is determined by him and not her, and the woman does not look at the intimate relationship from this point at all.

Access to orgasm

Women are different from men in terms of reaching orgasm, they can be satisfied with a beautiful kiss of the husband or hug, but some men who prepare themselves Vhola trying to show that they are able to make women reach orgasm, and if not hit it is disappointed and thinks that his wife will not prepare Vila.

V. A lot of seriousness

Women do not think there should be a lot of seriousness in the intimate relationship; because they have a special ceremony that includes good mood, laughter and jokes, but there are men who do not give way to their wives; to express themselves before the intimate relationship, and the silence of full, .

VI – Women do not like excessive roughness

The study added that some men believe that strong touches, violent movements are arousing women's desire but that is not true. Women feel pain from these touches and movements, and do not like roughness during intimacy.

7 – The interest of men in women after the end of intimacy

There are men who turn their backs on their wives, go to sleep after the end of intimacy, and do not even express a word of praise or a beautiful expression of satisfaction towards women. The study said that this is one of the most terrible things for women, which feel that it was just something to delight the man, and then ended until next time.

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