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– «Europe Raiders»
Directed by: Ginkel Ma
Represented by: Tony Leung, Tiffany Tang, and Chris Wu
Action Comedy / China – 2018
Rating: (★ ★ of five)
The Chinese light film has a little moderation of wit and some of its representatives, and many attempts by Chinese cinema (Hong Kong Branch) to present works that borrow their treatments, dialogues and music as well as the sequence of their scenes from successful American films.
Ginkel Ma has made quite a number of films, and this critic can not be judged as one of his more than 50 films: “Mulan: Rise of a Warrior” in 2009. But he knows that the director was a year old 2000 film “Tokyo Riders” followed five years later by the film “Seoul Riders”. With this film moving to Italy, the director will complete at least half of his way if he lags in the future on Lebanon, Egypt, Argentina, Morocco, Spain, Burkina Faso and Texas.
In the new film, despite the lightness of its treatment, lies an idea that could have done better than its impact or interest. The film begins with a private detective (Tony Leung), who saves the life of a technologist from gang members who attacked him at his home. 10 years pass on this incident used by the film as a prelude to see the investigation has returned to the forefront. The world died during that period after setting out its information about a plot by the CIA to spread havoc and chaos around the world. The information in Hard Disk and Hard Disk is the subject of conflict between several spy parties around the world.
Most of the events take place in Milan, most of them with characters inspired, in their profiles, by similar American film personalities. The new, to the extent, it is Chinese, but otherwise revolves around similar films without much dispersion.
In this combination of the hero to apologize for accepting the task and then return his apology. Can not we watch a film of this kind in which the hero of the events agrees to the task without da’la? Do many of the scribes and directors search for another way to relieve us of the game of rejection and then to reject the refusal?
The film, in turn is not serious; it is a comic tone and treatment. Not for the most part, but for fun. The intelligence and espionage side gives him some balance, but whether we accept him as a sarcastic film or a serious film, his high length (about two hours) can evade ridicule and seriousness together.

(1 *) Not worth it
(2 *) middle
(3 *) Good
(4 *) Excellent
(5 *) masterpiece

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