Scores of Guido's loyalists and their families were expelled from a hotel in Colombia

Scores of Guido's loyalists and their families were expelled from a hotel in Colombia

More than 60 dissidents have been expelled from the Venezuelan armed forces from a hotel they had sought refuge in Colombia in February after a failed humanitarian aid request by opposition leader Juan Guido.

We are out in the open with our bags and children, "said Sergeant Jefferson Enrique del Rio Urbania, a member of the Venezuelan National Guard. "We are lost and no representative of Juan Guido, who we support 100 percent, has come here."

The officers and military officers who took refuge on 23 February confirmed that the hotel staff informed them on Tuesday afternoon that they had to leave due to late payment of their stay.

They explained that the total number of those expelled was 157, 65 members of the security forces and members of their 92 families.

They said they did not know where to go and awaited a solution from opposition leader Juan Guadillo, who declared himself the country's acting president and was recognized by some 50 countries, including Colombia.

Guido offered an amnesty to the soldiers who were fleeing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has the support of the Venezuelan armed forces, which has more than 365,000 men, plus 1.6 million civilians in armed groups.

Colombia hosts more than 1,000 dissident Venezuelan armed forces, accompanied by 400 members of their families.

Source: AFP


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