Scientists say that Brussels "cabbage" protects against cancer

Scientists confirm that Brussels cabbage protects against cancer

Scientists have discovered that Brussels cabbage deserves the title of super substance, because eating it reduces the risk of cancer.

Scientists from the British "Quadram Institute" pointed out that vitamin C in 80 grams of Brussels cabbage about five pieces of it, almost higher than its proportion in oranges, and this amount contains the daily dose of vitamin K. It also contains a good proportion of fiber Food.

They explained that the most important components of the body are "glucosinolates" found in all types of cabbage known, and gives this article all kinds of cabbage taste lightly, and its proportion in Brussels cabbage is very high.

The results of several studies have shown that this substance is useful not only in the metabolism process but also in the protection against cancer. Once glucosinols enter the body, they become compounds called isothiocyanates, which help reduce men's risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

Scientists believe that "isothiocyanates" also guarantee the prevention of lung cancer, as it helps to expel toxins from the body.

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