Scientists reveal a deadly risk of winter increases the incidence of heart attacks

Scientists reveal a deadly risk of winter increases the incidence of heart attacks

The results of a Swedish study revealed that air temperature below zero Celsius may be a factor that increases the risk of heart attack.
According to JAMA Cardiolgy, scientists have taken full data from the National Register of 274,000 Swedish citizens who suffered from myocardial infarction during the years 1998-2013, aged 50-89 years.

Scientists found that temperatures below zero Celsius increase heart attacks by 10%. The scientists corrected the results obtained, taking into account the degree of pollution of the atmosphere, to find a relationship between environmental pollution and heart disease, but it turned out that the cold was the decisive factor.

The researchers explain that at low and negative temperatures, blood vessels narrow, causing the heart to receive less oxygen. People in the winter usually develop cold and flu, which in turn increases heart attacks.

The researchers found that when the air temperature rose to 3-4 degrees Celsius above zero, the incidence of heart disease decreased.
Myocardial infarction appears in the development of ischemia in part of the middle layer of the heart muscle, due to lack of amount of blood flowing and often lead to death.


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