Scientists discover a huge system of clouds extending beyond the galaxy

Scientists today discover a huge system of clouds extending beyond the galaxy

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences' physical astronomy laboratory found a massive system of clouds extending out of the galaxy of Mrk 6, a spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Science said scientists had discovered huge clouds in the galaxy, Eurasian continent, With a diameter of 6 meters.

The spokesman said that the galaxy "Mrk 6" belong to galaxies that have a nucleus that sends a large amount of UV. The galaxy discovered in the 1960s is 263 million light-years away.

Russian scientists studied the distribution of gas and its motion inside the galaxy and discovered a large system of ionizing gas withdrawals, extending far beyond the galaxy's boundaries. They were able to study the outer edges of the galaxy. The ionizing gas-like ionizing system extends up to 130,000 light-years from the center of the galaxy.

The scientists assumed that these gas clouds do not belong to the galaxy "Mrk 6", but stolen from the galaxy dwarf revolves around the mother galaxy.


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