Scary: From under his grave the world Stephen Hawking warns of the appearance of supernatural beings will destroy us completely

From the dust, where Stephen Hawking died on March 25, the famous physicist directed a warning message about the imminent emergence of a new generation of what he called Super Human or superhuman humans that are protected from disease and threaten the rest of humanity.

The warning comes in a book of the British physicist, which is expected to be published on Tuesday, containing the latest articles by Stephen Hawking, a physically handicapped person, who has distinguished his discoveries in the field of thermodynamics and the chronology of black cosmic holes, To produce atomic particles.

In an excerpt from the book “Short Answers to Big Questions”, which carries a desperate vision for the future of the human race, because of the absence of genetic modifications and the new AI system that will bring together most of humanity, the Sunday Times published Sunday, Stephen Hawking, noted that all the known indicators of the limited human brain at both the individual and collective levels actually confirm that we are facing a major challenge. Genetic modification and artificial intelligence will give a new generation of superhuman beings that will not be left to the rest of the people not gradually extinct.

This explains that people who can afford the genetic modifications will be able to perform in a way that doubles their intelligence, the time span of life, and the immune system, which will turn them into superhuman beings. Ordinary people who do not have the cost of these genetic modifications and artificial intelligence will To surplus and gradually become extinct.

Senior technology geniuses, such as Bill Gates and Elon Mask, share the same theory and expectations of the development of artificial intelligence, but they do not go as far away with the same enmity as Stephen Hawking. They limit this development to the ability of future generations to produce enormously, but to a lesser degree than human labor.


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