Saudi writer lists the details of a unique air battle between Saudi and Iranian fighter jets!

Saudi writer lists the details of a unique air battle between Saudi and Iranian fighter jets!

A Saudi writer touched on Sunday a fierce air battle between Saudi and Iranian fighter jets in the 1980s, pointing out that 30 Saudi warplanes took off to bomb Iran in the wake of the incident.

"When 30 Saudi planes took off to bomb Iran," Saudi writer Mohammed al-Saed recounted details of an air battle between Saudi warplanes and Iranian planes that violated Saudi airspace on June 5, 1984.

He pointed out in this context that "tension reached its peak with the infiltration of Iranian aircraft to the Kingdom of the Kingdom and approached provocatively from the eastern coasts, and warned Riyadh to the Iranians more than once, and informed the friendly and sisterly what it is trying to Iran, and this was a diplomatic work of Saudi excellence paved the Saudi response harsh in distance".

Events in the morning began when "Saudi radars discovered that Iranian aircraft were in an offensive position and rapidly approaching the airspace towards the densely populated cities of Dhahran and Al-Khobar," King Fahd told hastily of the incident to order the planes to be shot down immediately and without delay.

"The Saudi fighters fought the F-15 with Iranian aircraft, which were mostly F-4, dropped all Iranian fighter jets and escorted aircraft escorts of the type, The F-18 was used by Iran as radars because there was no ammunition or combat capabilities. "

"The morning battle turned into a resounding event around the world, Saudi Arabia falling off Iranian planes, and this may be the beginning of a major war in the region that could affect the oil supply. The world is anxiously awaiting what will happen after that first armed confrontation between the two sides, .

On the following day, June 6, 1984, the Iranian authorities again wanted to test the Saudis, but orders from the highest authority in the country ruled:

To drop any hostile Iranian aircraft penetrating Saudi airspace without warning.

Go to the port of Bushehr and erase it completely from the face of the earth.

Keep talks between Saudi ground bases and open-air fighter jets to teach Iranians what they will face.

The Saudi version confirms that the Iranian warplanes as soon as "approached" until the departure of a squadron of Saudi fighter jets up to 30 aircraft, defensive and offensive, the Iranians understood the message and fled the trail of defeat and never returned after that, so that the Iranian fighter jets did not take off in the atmosphere of the entire Gulf for a month , But the Saudis put a false line in the middle of the Gulf called (Fahd line) campus for the Iranians to approach him.

The Saudi writer concluded that the Iranians since that incident had pursued "a highly toxic policy of toxicity, but they were hidden behind the lack of direct confrontation and proxy war."

Source: Okaz

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