Saudi composer and singer plans to launch the first music teaching institute in the Kingdom

Saudi composer and singer plans to launch the first music teaching institute in the Kingdom

Saudi composer and singer Nasser Al-Saleh revealed his intention to launch the first institute of music teaching in the Kingdom. He confirmed that he is racing to launch it in order to benefit from the great artistic talents of the Gulf youth.

Al-Saleh said in the program "Ya Hala" broadcast on the channel "Rotana Khalijia", the qualitative leap in Saudi Arabia recently encouraged him to reveal his life's security, the establishment of this institute, especially that the Saudis have a desire to learn music, as a food for the spirit and mind and body, In schools, they need a regular music share, as is the case in all countries of the world.

He said that he had obtained the necessary permits and licenses to open the first music teaching institute in the Kingdom.

But this famous singer stuck to his position refusing to return to sing again and keep being our salt, despite the attempts and demands of his return to the scene, especially as he issued 6 albums in his musical career, while sees himself as more salt than a singer, especially that his friend journalist Yahya al-Farah persuaded him That he is closer to singing than singing.
Al-Salih, born in Al-Ahsa, played football at Al-Jil's goal-keeper, before heading to the art of being the "captain of Gulf cuisine" as his fans call him, especially since he grew up in an artistic family. Who owned a production company, most notably Issa al-Ahsaie, and one of the talents discovered by the Association of Culture and Arts in the province.

Source: "Okaz"


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