Sari: Facing Manchester City is tough and Chelsea have missed it in past matches

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Chelsea fans received good news from coach Mauricio Sari ahead of Sunday's Premier League game against Manchester City.

The two teams meet at Stamford Bridge in Round 16.

"At the moment we do not have any serious injuries, every player we have is able to participate tomorrow," Sari told a BBC news conference.

"The game is very important and difficult, maybe against the best team in Europe, we have not beaten them for a long time, but anything can happen in the game."

"We played well against Wolverhampton for 50 minutes, but we stumbled when we got into difficulties. He scored five shots, including two for the goal, but he managed to score twice through them.

"I know there was a gap of 30 points between the two teams last season. We are working to reduce that difference. I think we are improving, but they are also improving. I do not know the difference at the moment," Sari said of the difference between Chelsea and Manchester City.

"We started the season well, but we had some difficulties in terms of the new way of playing, it's normal, we have to work and solve it gradually."

"The problem is only the results, when we win, Kanti is in good shape, at this moment we do not win, so it's normal for players to play poorly, what is the problem?" "In recent games we have not played as a team or 11 players, so it's a big problem."

"Sari continued:" We need a team leader and goal that can give us determination, in some games we missed it, as in the last game. "

Asked how to beat Pep Guardiola, he replied with a laugh: "You lost every game you played against Guardiola, so you have to ask someone else."

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