Sarah Forsyth reveals how she turned from nurse to "saleswoman" in "Amsterdam"

The Arabs Today - Sarah Forsyth reveals how she turned from a nurse to a "saleswoman" in "Amsterdam"

She is still a 19-year-old girl. Sarah never imagined that her trip to Amsterdam to work as a nurse would expose her to kidnapping, and overnight she became a "saleswoman" forced to co-opt strangers for money instead of being a "mercy angel" . Sarah Forsyth, now 42, remembers the hijacking of her passport at Amsterdam airport in 1996 and the theft of her passport in 1996 after she had sent a newspaper advertisement in which her abductor asked for a girl to work as a nurse. I arrived at the airport and met with the famous British criminal John Reese who forced me to go with him at gunpoint, so I could not yell only begged him not to do so. The first night he forced me to cohabitate 20 men in a brothel in an area called Amsterdam Red Light.

"Slave Girl" Sarah released her memoirs this month, explaining the horrific details of her 365 days before she could escape in 1997, reporting on her captors and their suspicious work. According to the British newspaper, she remembers how she was forced to watch a video of a young Thai girl, She was shot dead because she was not earning enough money for her pawns.

"I still see her in my dreams," she said. "I remember the sight of panic in her eyes before the man lifted the gun and aimed it at her head and exploded into pieces."

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The memos also included the Russian "roulette" game pimps played with girls in order to provoke their panic, and laughter at their terrifying expressions when they were surprised at the moment of pressure on the trigger that there was no lead and pimp squabbles over the control of women forced into prostitution, Killing one and cutting off his head.

"When I found myself in a room with dozens of men, one after the other, my entire body trembled and felt as if I were falling into a dark pit of endless world," Sarah adds to The Mirror.

The plight of Sarah was completed after she was sold to a Yugoslav pimp who kept her in a house with a group of dogs. She forced her to contract nearly 18 men a day to make money. The 40-year-old says she was forced to add cocaine to the pain she suffered from daily rape , Making it "slave helpless" to those pimps as described for themselves.

In order to force new girls to bow to the orders of these pimps, they are forced to watch a video showing the death of a sex-sharing member. But what Sara discovered after that was that the killing was real and many disappearances of dozens of girls In a security house in Belgium before being returned to her family, according to the British newspaper.

Later, Sarah presented evidence against her captors, five of whom pleaded guilty and trafficked in a Dutch court, the first being John Reese, who was kidnapped by the Taj Leicester Court in 1997 and jailed for two years.

"Sarah" has been living for nearly 10 years with her mother and is trying to recover from drug addiction. She tells "The Mirror" that she considers herself "lucky" in spite of everything because she managed to escape before her life ended as the rest of the other girls either "kill" or " Addicted "throughout her life.

The Egyptian Meteorological Agency warns Egyptian citizens of extreme cold Wednesday

The weather forecast for the north of the country to Cairo and northern Upper Egypt is expected to prevail on Wednesday.

Experts predicted that the frost on the plantations in central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, and predicted that the low and medium clouds on the north of the country will be mixed, may be accompanied by rainfall on the northern coasts, and the wind mostly Western to Southwesterly moderate, active on the Mediterranean and Red Bahrain, Marine navigation there.

The state of the Mediterranean Sea is turbulent, with a wave height of 2.5 to 3 meters, surface wind is southwesterly, and the state of the Red Sea is moderate to turbulent, with a wave height of 2 to 2.5 meters and surface winds northwesterly.

The maximum temperature is 17 degrees, the minimum is 5 degrees, the maximum is 16 degrees, the minor is 6 degrees, the great is 17 degrees, the smallest is 6 degrees, the maximum is 19 Degree and minor 7 degrees, St. Catherine's Great 9 degrees and Minor-3 degrees.

Zamalek welcomes the cancellation of the Premier League after Egypt organized the African Championship

Zamalek president Mourtada Mansour welcomed the cancellation of the Premier League championship this season after Egypt won the African Cup of Nations 2019.

The president of the White Castle, that Zamalek will serve the public interest, which is the interest of Egypt, explaining that Egypt is much more important than Zamalek, Ahli and all clubs.

The African Football Confederation (CAF) has decided to withdraw the organization of the 32nd version of Cameroon, having failed to meet the conditions set by "K" to organize the tournament, making it more difficult for Cameroon to raise the number of teams to 24 teams.

Morocco rejected the progress to succeed Cameroon in organizing the tournament, and Egypt and South Africa advanced to host the tournament in the summer of 2019. Egypt decided after the file was organized by the confidence of the Executive Office of the African Union, and won the Egyptian file 16 votes to a single vote for South Africa, By any vote other than the voice of its representative in the Executive Committee.

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