Sadr warns of "the end of Iraq": Enough war!

sadr warns of "the end of iraq": enough war!

The leader of the Iraqi Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, that he does not want war on Iran, and that not with any party that infuses Iraq in the war and made it a scene of the Iranian-American conflict.

"We need a serious pause from the top people to keep Iraq out of this vicious war, which will eat the green and the land, making it a rift," Sadr said in a tweet posted on the social networking site Twitter.

He added that Iraq needs to raise the voice of the people condemning the war and the mixing of his country, stressing that if Iraq did not stand one pause and serious, it will be the war end of Iraq if it ran.

"I am sorry to be warned," he said.

He also stressed the leader of the Sadrist movement that any party that infuses Iraq in the war, and makes it a battlefield to be an enemy of the Iraqi people.

"A war is enough," he concluded.

Earlier on Sunday, sources told RT that a rocket landed near the US embassy in the Green Zone in central Baghdad, adding that sirens sounded from inside the building.

The sources said that the Iraqi security forces mobilized near the Green Zone, which hosts the headquarters of government agencies and embassies of foreign countries, after the crash, and began to search all neighborhoods near the site.

The Iraqi security information cell confirmed that a Katyusha rocket landed in the middle of the Green Zone without causing any casualties.

Source: Agencies + Twitter

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