Russian Foreign Ministry: Washington's talk about a limited nuclear war is dangerous

Russian Foreign Ministry: Washington's talk about a limited nuclear war is dangerous

The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the concept of limited nuclear war, which the US leadership is talking about recently, is a dangerous practice that is pushing many countries to build their nuclear arsenals.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper that Washington had begun to apply concepts that hint at the possibility of winning the nuclear war.

"We think that thinking that a nuclear war could be limited is a very dangerous practice that destabilizes international security and drives many countries to build their arsenal in the nuclear field," Ryabkov said.

He noted that Washington "has resumed the development of means for various nuclear wars of force, including extremely low power, unimaginable but dedicated to use on the battlefield."

This approach, in particular, indicates that the American side rejected the draft joint statement made by Russia in the fall of 2018 on the prevention of nuclear war and the promotion of strategic stability.

And he said Ryabkov: "There is an impression that some people, including the generation of computer games, who have no responsibility for the use of military force, including the nuclear factor, are close to the center of decision-making and control of the various buttons."

According to Ryabkov, the United States accused the Russian side of preparing for a limited nuclear strike, sticking to its preferred methods, and attributed to the other side the breach of the commitments they intend to breach.

Source: TASS

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