Russia expels an employee of the Ukrainian Consulate General in St. Petersburg

Russia expels an employee of the Ukrainian Consulate General in St. Petersburg russia expels an employee of the ukrainian consulate general in st. petersburg

MOSCOW [Reuters] – An employee of Ukraine's consulate-general in St. Petersburg has been fired in response to a provocation by the Ukrainian side in May, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

“ In May 2019, the Ukrainian private security services staged another provocation by unjustifiably declaring an employee of the Consulate General of Russia in Lvov a persona non grata. There was no evidence of his illegal activities exceeding the duties Professional work related to the work of the Consular Center.

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed "the fact that the Ukrainian State Security Service lingers for three months until the publication of this information, apparently, linked to domestic political games in Ukraine."

The press service of the Ukrainian security service, reported Tuesday, that the service declared a Russian diplomat persona non grata on the territory of Ukraine, has already left the country.

According to security personnel in Ukraine, they revealed a resident of the Lvov region, who was allegedly recruited by the Russian security service in 2014, and was collecting Russian diplomat sensitive and confidential documents relating to Ukrainian government agencies.

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