Russia celebrates Space Day and commemorates Yuri Gagarin

On April 12, Russia celebrates Space Day in an annual tradition commemorating the 58th anniversary of the first astronaut, Yuri Gagarin.

On this anniversary, everyone remembers the sacrifices of the early Soviet creators and their championships in the field of space. Through this revival, generations affirm their determination to continue the path of glory and achievement.

Yuri Gagarin was born in a peasant family in a small village in Smolensk, western Russia, on March 9, 1934, spent his childhood in the village, and joined the school in the fall of 1941, a few months after Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union.

On October 12, 1941, the German invaders occupied his village, a German by hanging his younger brother, Boris, but his mother managed to rescue him after the German came out to fetch the camera.

Soviet troops liberated the village on April 9, 1942, and the Gagarin family moved to a small town of Gajatsk (Gagarin present) on May 24 of the same year.

In 1949, the first astronaut enrolled in a vocational school, and at the same time, he attended the School of Young Evening Workers.

Gagarin joined the industrial institute in Saratov in August 1951, and on 25 October he first came to Saratov Aviation Club. In 1955, after graduating from the Industrial Institute, he flew for the first time alone on the Yak-18.

Yuri Gagarin was executed at the club with 196 flying hours of 24 hours and 23 minutes. On October 27, 1955, Gagarin was called up to serve in the army where he graduated from the War College. He served for two years in a fighter regiment in northern Russia.

On December 9, 1959, Gagarin wrote a request to join the group of candidates for space travel. A week later, he was transferred to Moscow where he underwent medical examinations at the Central Hospital for Scientific Research on Aviation. At the beginning of the following year, he was examined by a special medical committee that decided that Lieutenant Gagarin had the qualifications for space flight.

Russia celebrates Space Day and commemorates Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin and chief designer Sergey Korolyov

On March 3, 1960, Gagarin joined the team of astronaut candidates. On March 11, Gagarin accompanied his family to his new workplace.

Gagarin made his first space flight to space on April 12, 1961.

The first flight to space was fully automated, so that the astronaut acted as a mere passenger of the spacecraft. However, he could turn the flight system into a manual one whenever he wanted.

At 9:07 am on April 12, Gagarin launched his well-known voice over the air: "Let's go!" The rocket was launched with the Vostok-1, which separated from the three acceleration stages at 9:18.

At 09:57, Gagarin said by air he was flying over the United States. At the time, TASS published its first report on the launch of the first vehicle in history, carrying an astronaut to orbit Earth.

Russia celebrates Space Day and commemorates Yuri Gagarin Statue of Yuri Gagarin in Moscow

I have changed 108 minutes of spaceflight in the course of Yuri Gagarin's life entirely, and the pilot of the Fighter Regiment has become overnight the most famous man in the world.

In 1964, Gagarin was the deputy director of the Space Astronauts Development Center. He also undertook major political and social activities. He began his studies at the Jakovsky Aeronautical Academy, so he did not have a chance to practice aviation.

Gagarin began flying after graduating from the Zhukovsky Aviation Academy. He was killed in an air crash on March 27, 1968, in the Moscow suburbs while he was on a training flight aboard the MiG-15.

Source: RT

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