"Rubber jeans" are back again after his disappearance from the fashion world

Arabs today - "rubber jeans" is back after his disappearance from the world of fashion

Fashion has remained Jeans for men Or "Istres", launched in the nineties of the last century, dominated the fashion for many years, and enjoyed popularity is not comparable; because it is comfortable and take the shape of the body and highlight the beauty of its details and curves.

And disappeared from Fashion world But it is not over, its sun is not gone or its light is extinguished from the cabinets of elegance everywhere, and today it is again shown in two beautiful colors, blue and dark blue, and a whole set of various pieces such as jacket, skirt and pants.

This is due to the famous Swedish brand Filippa K, which specializes in the design of sportswear. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, this amazing group was launched, and also the return of its founder Felipe Knutson with a team of creative designers led by her daughter.

"My father owned a well-known denim jeans company, which made me inherit the profession with a deep-rooted professional in me. I was and still is a central part of this world and because I am a woman I know very well that women are happy and meet their requirements and fulfill their dream of brilliance," Knutson said of the new designs of this unique practical hymn. And excellence, so this set of jeans comfortable and elegant pieces dear to the heart of every lady accompany her wherever she goes wherever she wants. "

She added: "It is natural to carry loyalty to my family and my roots and start where the others ended, so the details have made them simpler and more relaxed, and then moved on to turn these pieces into an in-depth philosophical theory that gives a new dimension that the woman feels happy and satisfied with pleasure and excitement and thus I have achieved the difficult equation."


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